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Roll Preference

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So I am only around 6 months new to the game, but find it a fairly easy game and call my self slightly above average.
I have an idea to improve the champ select screen.

In most games you get in, you see this in the chat within the first 5secs
#1: MID
#3: MID
#4: ADC
#:1 **** you i called mid first!
#2: i am not supporting again!

Ect.. kinda retarded.
What my immature self has been doing is, if i am first pick, i am picking who i want, and stating my role, I would say about 25% of the games, the ******* who "called" the role first also takes it, so we end up with 2mids or whatever and generally the other team reports him, as i was first pick, shown in order on TAB and end game results.

My idea would be to give players a skill order that they can create of their preferred roles.
So like by your name, or by your champ select icon you would see.

Mid: 1
Jungle: 2
Top: 5
ADC: 4
Support: 3

The problem with this is not everyone plays "the meta game" and in reality it is a free game, that you can play as you want, as long as you are not breaking riot rules.
Which i guess by someone going mid, after first pick goes mid, isn't breaking rules, nor is being a 2nd jungler instead of support.

But I feel it would be a nice thing to have, and would allow people, like myself to maybe take the least played wanted role, and allow someone else to do another role.
It would give a better team understanding to each of the members.

Edit: Did i really say rolls? -.-