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Aether Wing Kayle almost Legendary

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I love Kayle but...

I like playing Kayle, great counter to burst, fun to jungle and can do multiple roles to confuse draft pick opponents. Still won't pay $15 bucks for a $9 skin though; however, I'll pay 1350 for it no problems as it currently stands.

Simply to get a message across that Aether Wing is not as potent compared to recent legends Battlecast Cho'gath and Ethernum Nocturne. She is missing something that makes it "Legendary".

Legendary skins have that niche you cannot acquire from the normal skins, something that makes you go "Cho My God!"

First blood, Pentakill and Lore quotes oh my...?

This was a missed opportunity for quotes that can heard by both teams while using abilities.

Interaction between other champions such as PF Ez and BC Cho over 9000 taunt. Also Noc and Graves smokescreen and the Leona/Zyra sunlight growth effect.

You could easily throw in Morgana kill quotes like:

"Science will always be superior to black magic!"

"If only you could see the Utopia I bring, sister..."

"Through faith and steel your wings can be restored too, you simply need to BOW!!!"

Even the desired first blood and pentakill global taunts can jump-start another way to get lore into the game.

First Blood: "It is time to put the lawless animals down..."

Pentakill: "Now, for the whole world to see! Faith and Steel's Eternal Triumph!!!"

I paid 1820 RP and all I got were these lousy abilities

Save for the lightsaber E, her ability skins aren't that impressive.

Compared to Cho'gath slamming his guns into the ground only to have a nearby area erupt into an explosion. His speaker systems breaking the eardrums of any nearby enemies, missiles galore. And my personal favorite "MAXIMUM CHO'GATH!"

Nocturne's Duskbringer fires out a far more acceptable energy projectile, his W has the cool blue afterglow when he succeeds in blocking a spell, his E's upgraded energy streaming as compared to the classic skin, and for the ultimate has his body spins like a giant wheel of death towards the sorry sob about to die.

Aether Wing Kayle's Q lacked the proper "oomph" when it could have a more potent sound effect when used and upon landing on the target. Self-casted W to have her wings make blue afterburners. As before, I throughly enjoyed her E lightsaber. I was expecting attacks made to the immune target via R to ricochet off the shield with golden sparks flying for cosmetic purposes.

If ricochets are too much to ask for, then simply make little golden clouds of dust appear in the direction of the blocked attacks. When I see that Darius try to ult me I want to pop that shield with a loud "THUNK! " and massive sparks of golden energy flying off my shield.

Ability QoL Changes

Holy Furor:

Champions under the effects of the debuff will have blue and golden sparkles around them for the duration of the effect. When the maximum 5 stacks are acquired the blue and golden sparkles will be far more noticeable.


Without Divine Blessing active Kayle pivots her torso to her right side then flings the bolt at the target. Divine Blessing active Kayle will do a full body thrust and hurl the bolt at the target. There will be a shockwave sound effect upon activation and a thunderous sound effect upon hitting the target.

Divine Blessing:

Self-casted Kayle's wings emit blue afterburners and she soars during movement for the duration of the spell. Friendly Champion cast will have the target bathed in a golden light for the duration of the movement speed buff, with dust as a residual particle effect.

Righteous Fury:

Upon activation Kayle's sword particles remain the same as on live. When she attacks she will swing her sword with both hands. Think of beating someone down you really dislike with a metal bat.
First animation swing start from diagonally top left to bottom right, then vice verse for the follow up attack. Critical strikes would have her spinning the sword over her head, in acknowledgement of her missing "halo". The animation can get faster and faster based on attack speed.

Activated while self cast Divine Blessing Kayle will soar with the blue afterburners holding her blade at side in a thrust stance.


Activation is still the same as on live. However, when a target strikes the shield with basic attacks small clouds of golden dust appear near the point of impact with low static sound effects. When the shield blocks an ability golden sparks fly away from the point of impact as resounding rings are heard.

Ability Quotes:

Reckoning on Champion: "Kneel before Justice!!!" // "You will die for Order!" // "Heresy!!!"

Self-Cast W has the blue afterburners, just add an awesome sound effect to it.

Non-self Cast Divine Blessing: "Bathe in the maker's light!" // "Mended by faith...!!"

Righteous Fury activation: "Witness the powers bestowed upon me!" // "The unworthy shall be cleansed in holy fire!" // "Sacrilege!!!"

Intervention self-cast: "You cannot hope to slay Justice!" // "Mere flies before the Judicator!"

Intervention on friendly: "Divine Sanctuary, friend!" // "You won't succeed so long as I draw breath."

Intervention on friendly Morgana: "Justice demands a different fate, Morgana." // "Repent sister, I am forgiving!"

Worst case of blue balls ever

Her recall animation is another thing. I was getting excited for the first 7 seconds then got the most painful case of blue balls on the last second due to the lackluster climax.

Where was the massive dust explosion from the built-up energy? The sound barrier breaking as she takes off at mach 7!? The scorched earth particles left behind for a few seconds as enemy champions finally catch up only to see she's gone!?!

Afterimages of Kayle flying into the beyond at the end of the channel is also another substitute.

It's not too late to do a hotfix...!

I know the Lunar Revel skins are around the corner but Aether Wing Kayle deserves better for the price tag it was given. It seems like it's a 975 skin, and I'm even willing to shell out 1350 points, but not a whooping 1820 rp in the year 2013. I also feel bad for not pushing this harder when I saw it on the PBE. I do not mind if you use my ideas as your own Riot, in fact please take them as your own and I'll wash my hands of this. I just do not want to chased out of matches by players laughing at me for paying an extra $7 for a non-legendary quality skin when recent skins are better.

This feels rushed, were you trying to get it released before Thresh made it to the live servers? I can notice the haste even at the login screen with the music not looping after the first playthrough. It will be alright if you take your time and build it up like Battlecast Prime Cho'gath, measure twice cut once.

Link to the GD thread (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=33607341#post33607341)

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Grand Eleven

Senior Member


Pulsefire Ezreal had a lunch price of 1650. For 200 RP _less_ we got a complete rework to the dregree it was called a theme with a champ that evolved as he leveled in game.

Mecha Kha'Zix is still 1350. For 500 _less_ we got new voice overs and _dramatically_ redone attack animations with sound effects.

With the new Kayle skin we couldn't even be bothered to animate her flight and her particle effects are so subtle most people won't even notice they are there. The only redeeming factor is she got a new dance.

This skin's price point is abysmal. Lower it at least to Kha'Zix level. That or overhaul it to make it worth the investment.

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Okay, I agree that there could be more added, but I am perfectly fine with what I bought. This skin was to my expectations and anything more would be awesome!

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I like the idea but some of the quotes are a bit too... I can't think of the appropriate adjective so I'm gonna say sinister for Kayle. She's strict but not downright *****y. That said i understand it is just your concept so, bravo.

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If you think she is only strict you should go hunt for the champion judgements, this is why they need more in game lore. There is so much you guys messed out on.

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El Naphtali



Its too late to fix her VO (I don't get her joke at all), but honestly her particles could use a little more umph on her wings and abilities. If she's going to glide with those things, it couldn't hurt to have a bit of more glow when moving or something.

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I don't own the actual skin, however i've seen a couple of people using it.

I dont find her animations interesting at all.

Her swing motion from using ranged attacks is just boring and repetetive, nothing about it makes your character look stronger, just "swing swing swing away"

It also seems buggy as it seems to be looped, mainly after her swing where her body moves from the recoil of her blows, very laggy looking, very stiff.

i also dont find her ulti very different at all.

her Q is very tiny, like a little spark...You guys could have made it slightly bigger to make it feel more powerful.

In conclusion you guys dissapoint with this (un)legendary skin, you could have easily done a better job.

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Yeah. I got the skin b/c Kayle is my main and i get all her skins. Im a bit sad that this will be her legendary tho. I thought she deserved better. As mentioned above (self cast W animation, bigger Q, more things to say/sounds).

I guess everything you do cant be great but why did it have to be MY main that gets the short end of the stick.

TBH, i was not disappointed until i found out it was supposedly legendary...

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El Naphtali



Meh. Refunding it to buy the Warring Kingdom skins.

If they ever revisit the skin I'll buy it again, otherwise back to Battleborn/Judgement.