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Dominion Items thread

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Here's what's up.
Dominion items need to be talked about and FIXED.
There are so many items that simply don't belong in Dominion because people don't talk about it.

Let's start with this.
GP5 items should all go away. So should Rod of Ages. For a game where you earn gold much quicker than the gp5 item bonuses give, and a game where it ends in 20 minutes, gp5 and Rod of Ages simply don't make sense.

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You only need to hold onto GP 10 items for at most 10 minutes for the GP 10 portion to start making money.

Also, they all upgrade into really useful items. Youmuu's Ghostblade is pretty amazing on a wide range of auto-attackers in Dominion - removing GP 10 items would also mean removing there upgrades.

Rod of Ages only needs to be held for 10 minutes to max-out, and items with variable attributes end up being more cost-effective than rival items when maxed, not as cost-effective. You don't need it to max out to be worth getting.

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ROA helps a few champions who don't want to itemize anything else. Nunu and Singed will usually get it, plus other AP champions who want a tinge of tankyness.

GP5 items build in to powerful active items. Youmuu's, Locket, Ice Shard, etc.