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Latest patch issues - 18/1/13

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Multiple issues with this Thresh implementation patch, from the get go, although these appear to be unique as i cannot find a similar case in this forum

1 - Dead game. By this i mean, upon selecting play and brought to log in screen, it is completely blank of the new kayle visual and music is missing, only allowing me to see the login bar and LoL symbol.

2 - Upon using the broken login screen, it logs in correctly but then does not connect to the game, as in the screen is black and there is no visual/audio. The game does not go to a main screen or disconnect, rather stuck in the permanent limbo of this dead screen, even after waiting for hours, multiple restarts and resets.

3 - Before I was plagued with the dead screen bug, i was able to successfully play the game visually, however sound was bugged. there was no in game music or sound FX, only champ voice acting sounds were evident, not even ability usage. This includes neutral monster sounds, pings and announcer sounds. This is severely inhibiting to a player..

I'd rather like a response on this patch issue as speaking with others it is bugged across the board on a number of issues, a number of people and a number of nations.