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Patcher wont work (18/1/13)

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Hi there, im having some issues when i try to use the update for the current actualzation, it just gets stuck on "Complete 33%" - applying patches and
Step 1/2; 99% Complete, 0:00 Remaining.

this last line toggles between that and this:
Step 1/2; 99% Complete, 0:02 Remaining. -----> with the extra difference that the progress bar is almost full this time.
and it turns back at the previous instance...

And im having SUPERLOW patch download speed, like 7 Kbps, when i tested my connection and it seems to work fine in everything else...

EDIT!: This seems like it fixed itself after 3 PC Reboots, from nowhere, i also called to my ISP and asked if everything was working fine and they said they have no problem at all with the service, so idk why was all this, but its solved now, in the same way it came, now its gone.... .-.
IS there anyone else having this kind of issues or is it only me?

ty all for answersing...