@Riot. Some skin ideas.

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Heartless Jack

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Hello from the community. (I reposted this from GD)

I have thought of some (I think excellent) skins for a few champs, so I'll list some of those with some descriptions and if you make them, all I ask is that I get them for free. Cause in a way they're already mine.

Astronaut Diana
- OK I came out with the big guns first here. Science fiction skin for Diana, the lunar champion; could it be any more obvious that she needs this? I am thinking of her in a white jumpsuit with black around the shoulders, knee high boots, mandatory cleavage, and a blade you can do a lot, or a little with, to make it fit. I am thinking red.

Team Neon Strike.
- More jumpsuits! YAY.
Irelia/Fiora - Red?
Lux - Pink
Caitlin - Green/Orange?
Diana (again...) Pale Blue.
Just think of the animations for these ladies. When they start a team fight it will be dazzling!

Thresh skins:
Void Creature - cause I liked the tentacles on his head, now he needs to attack with them. (Plus this makes him the only void support)
Skeletal/Reaper - pretty self explanatory, he is like this already but it could have a different element to it as well
Tech (Hextech or battlecast or whatever) Scary robot Thresh. Maybe this skin would be called Thresher?

And of course I saved the best for last. (Bear with me here.)

Air Traffic Controller Yorick
- His shovel is replaced by a huge glowing baton
- He is wearing a snazzy uniform
- All his ghouls have airplane wings.
- Profit.