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Top Looking for Competitive team

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Hey, looking for a competitive team to play with this season. Only interested in teams that have a legitimate chance of making top 16 teams for a chance to go pro. I play top lane and am 19 years old. A little about me and my gaming experience

- Currently 1430 elo with about 200 ranked games played. Not the best but I'm new to the game so i feel its pretty solid so far, steadily raising.
- 1900 MMR in HoN
- Multiple tournament win's in Dota all-stars.
- Multi-glad + Hero of the alliance in WoW
- I have experience in both online tournaments (winning and losing) and Lan events
- I understand the importance of teamwork as well as individual skill
- I am committed to practicing and improving my play, I play at least 7-10 solo Q a day and spend a lot of time watching pro level streams
- I can basically play / practice anytime the team needs to, I have skype/vent/mumble/whatever you wanna use and a high quality mic + Fluent English.

If you're interested in talking to me add me in-game at sicmonkey. I'm on every day so I'll catch you around. To reiterate though I'm only looking for teams seriously considering going pro, if you're not, then don't bother messaging me.

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LG MoonV2

Senior Member


added you ig, hit me up @lg Moon

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