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Hacked account

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Junior Member


Early this morning I came home from work to find that my account had been hacked and password / email associated with the account had all been changed. I followed the help and support and created a ticket only to have the person who looked into my ticket to do nothing and completely not even understand what I wrote in the ticket. I even went so far as to do the leg work and find out what my summoner name had been changed to by logging into my wife's account and finding it on her friends list. I am hoping by posting here to have someone else actually spend the time to actually investigate the issue instead of dismissing it completely. If any RIOT staff wants to look into the issue, I have two open tickets, #4876680 and #4885074.


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If you fill out the form they give you they will reset your password. I just had this problem. Now just waiting for my rp refund and name change

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Senior Wrenchman


Hi Rhayna,

In your current ticket make sure you update the information to focus around your Login name, not your summoner name. (note: please don't post your login name here) Your login name will not change and can be used to easily reference the account in question.

From there, most likely the staff member will request specific identifying information to verify you as the account holder.