Juggernaut not working with Vi's passive

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As the title states, when speccing into the %health increase in the defensive tree, Vi's passive on-skill-hit shield does not scale off of the %health increase. It may just be a tooltip error, but it's difficult for me to check the actual shield health. I don't own the %health runes, so unsure what the status is on those.
Repro steps:
1 Get into a game as Vi with at least the 3 points in the Juggernaut
2 Check passive tooltip to see that it does not account for 10% max health, but 10% max health before the Juggernaut mastery comes in play.

If needed, I can go ingame and get a couple of screenshots of this.
EDIT: Went ahead and got a screenshot.
EDITEDIT: Welp, that's tiny. Here's an imgur link.
EDITEDITEDIT: A search through the bug report forums brought up this. So perhaps it isn't the Juggernaut mastery, but the Durability or Veteran's Scars that are the problem, since my screenshot is also while having points alloted to those masteries.