fiendish codex and sightstone.

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I thought that it was a bad idea to remove faerie charm from the fiendish codex. It was a great idea to have it implemented.. I don't understand why the patch notes would imply that the fiendish codex needs to be more versatile and universal.... I mean.. you just removed the mana aspect from the item which did have a few great plus sides to begin with but now its contradictory to call it versatile. The fact that the sight stone has been increased to another 475 gold is ridiculous too because when a support is starting off there is struggle between providing vision/counter vision, gold generation and mobility.. I'm just trying to say that this change is really going to crush creative game play for a lot of support champions. I'm saying this as someone who likes to play as support . I am really going to be struggling now with this one change because taric is gonna be a god and everyone else will be obsolete.

Taric is able to use avarice runes and get sight stones earlier than any champion because of his armor spell. Its just really impeding the builds of other champions to want or buy this item now since most support champions are limited to using scale armor runes in their yellow slots.
It doesn't seem like a huge deal but with this one change it really is like a huge buff to taric because he is now capable of utilizing something that no other champion to do in a effective way.
In layman's terms.. Taric is gonna be able to wait for that sightstone and get it way before any other champion while being tanky! It's abusive.

I used fiendish codex as a support item because it did a lot in lanes.. the usefulness of faerie charm turning into 30 ap was amazing because it allowed me to contribute damage and replenish my mana bar at the same time. Most support champions arn't gonna use mana regeneration in their rune slots because the price of a faerie charm is superior. It is just very unfortunate that support players who like to give bonus damage in lanes are being further neglected.