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Some of the Stories I Wish to Tell

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Frost Archer

Senior Member


"Hey. Whoever the hell you are, your going down." The mercenary said to the man with the goatee.

"Naw, but if you want, I can help you dig your own grave, Graves." The man replied.

"You cheated."

With that, Graves pulled out his gun from his back. A whopping 40 pounds of self-revolving multi barrel shotgun.

"Hey! Take it outside Graves!" the bar tender yelled. "You ain't ruining my bar again!"

"Don't worry about it partner. After I kick his ass, he's gonna pay for whatever damages I make." He said, pointing his gun at the man.

Underneath his sharp hat, the man smiled. He pulled out a deck of cards. After shuffling it a few times in the air, he clasped it shut. Then, without warning, he tossed three of them in an arc. A yellow one hit Graves and stuck on is forehead. After getting over his initial shock, he narrowed his eyes and shot off three rounds. The sheer force of the bullets shredded chairs and tables to smithereens. Yet, amazingly, the man with the goatee was completely unscathed.

"Ha ha" the man chuckled "I must be lucky today!"

He flung the rest of the deck into the air, they scattered everywhere, obscuring him from view. He took the opportunity to make a break for the exit. Jumping out the window, the man ran. Graves fired through the cards and saw him leave. Growling in annoyance, Graves walked out the door and fired a few more shots. But his target was gone.

The bartender looked on in shock at his bar, splinters and cards strewn everywhere.

"GRAVES!" He yelled "I told you to take it out side! You're going to have to pay for this!"

Graves barely heeded him any attention.

"Yea yea, whatever."


The man had actually managed to get away! Damn I'm good He thought to himself.

"Well aren't you the lucky *******." Someone behind him said.

He cursed. He didn't notice that someone had followed him.

"Now now, no need to get testy. My name is Xavier Rath. Doctor Xavier Rath." Xavier said "I've from Zaun and I've been conducting a few, experiments." he said pausing a bit.


"Well, my experiments don't always work. People are reluctant to volunteer now. They are in ways better than you. Stronger, faster, smarter. But you have something they lack. Luck."

Xavier paused, waiting to see his reaction. Seeing none, he continued.

"I will give you a good pay. But most of all, if the experiment works, you will be able to harness, magic."

The man laughed hollowly.

"You mean magic as in tricks to the eye? I'm already great at that." He said scathingly.

"No. I mean opening your mind to be capable of using the mana that circulates your body. Then, use that mana to harness arcane energy."

"That's impossible." The man with the goatee exclaimed. "Only select people with certain linages can do that."

"That's what this experiment fixes." Xavier said with a smile. He'd finally hooked him. Time for the final push. "Look at you. A failed magician, now using your petty tricks to gamble and cheat others. I've looked into your file. Descended from Gypsies. Eluded capture from law enforcers all the time, once even from the Piltover Enforcer."

The man thought back and smiled. "She was cute, but her buddy packed a punch." He recalled.

He thought to himself. Ever since he was a child, stories of magic always called to him. He'd always dreamed of becoming a magician, starting of with simple card tricks. He was quite the rising star. But that stupid Demacian girl with the light staff stole all the glory from him. What was worse, when he tried to get friendly with the girl, her oaf of a brother put pressure on him. This was a once in a life time opportunity. He heard himself say "It's a deal."

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Frost Archer

Senior Member


Hey. I was just thinking. After my Doran chronicles, I kinda want to write about the Kinkou. So I came up with this: Shen and Zed grow up as equals. This is known. Basicly, it's a semi-love/betrayal/ninjas!/finding one's destiny story. It tells the story of Shen and Zed's war.