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Introducing: Dodge Fix & Dodge Buster!

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Ben B0t

Senior Member


A proposed system that tries to fix the issues of queue dodging and queue dodge penalties, while accounting for multiple types of summoners.

Using a point-based and dodge rate-based series of numbers, players will be rewarded for consistently not dodging.
Theoretically, if a summoner a constant dodger, than your total amount of games which are queued up but do not reach the loading screen would be higher than someone who isn't a constant dodger. Correlatively, summoners who troll or are toxic during queue would also have a higher total amount of queued games that don't reach the loading screen.
Using this logic, the rate of queues entered for toxic summoners vs total queues entered should be different than that of regular summoners. The numbers provided by this information can thus be used to separate summoners into different groups and create incentives to not dodge and disincentives to trolls. All that's needed to perfect the system is to find a way to make it so the trolls can't take advantage of the incentives of the good summoners, and the good summoners have ways around the disincentives designed for the trolls (aka, dodge penalties).

Enter the Dodger Bust&Reward System!

Trolls/Toxic Queuers (those that try to force others to dodge)
Perfectionist Queuers (those that dodge everything)
Leaves Alone:
Dodges-due-to counter-picked Queuers (Oh no the opponent counters me in lane, better dodge!)
Anti-non-Meta Queuers (You picked Karma!??! DODGE!)
Everyone, by de-toxifying the dodge system as well as removing illegitimate dodging reasons.
Rewards Greatly:
Players that only dodge trolls or what would otherwise have been a toxic game.

How it works:
10 Dodge points per queue entered.
Points lost if the queue doesn’t go through to the game.
The amount of points lost is based on your queue dodge rate (the amount of queues that reached loading screen divided by the amount of total queues entered).
For every 400 Dodge Points the player gets one Free Dodge Per Day (the 400 is not subtracted, it is a milestone reward).
Note: Point values are hidden to players, but Free Dodge Per Day amount are not.

Summoner Joe enters 100 queues and reaches the game 90 times over the span of his summoner career. (10% un-entered-game rate)
(Joe actually entered 120 queues, but 20 of them were dodged by a summoner on the opposing team, so they are left out of the model.)
Because 10% of games were not reached, he loses 1 (10/(100 - 10)*10) dodge points for each. Note: the 100 in points lost calculation is 100%, not 100 queues entered.
Joe gets 990 (1000 – |10*1|) Dodge points and has a total of 2 free dodges stored up to be used each day. Note: 1000 was an arbitrary number chosen to fit the math

Summoner Leah enters 100 queues and reaches the game 80 times over the span of her summoner career. (20% un-entered-game rate)
Because 20% of games were not reached, she loses 5 (20/(100 – 20)*20) dodge points for each.
Leah gets 900 (1000 – |20*5|) Dodge points and has a total of 2 free dodges stored up to be used each day.

Summoner Rex enters 100 queues and reaches the game 70 times over the span of his summoner career. (30% un-entered-game rate)
Because 30% of games were not reached, he loses 12 = (30/(100 – 30)*30) dodge points for each.
Rex gets - 740 (1000 – |30*12|) Dodge points and has a total of 1 free dodge stored up to be used each day.

Summoner Bob enters 100 queues and reaches the game 60 times over the span of his summoner career. (40% un-entered-game rate)
Because 40% of games were not reached, he loses 27 (40/(100 - 40)*40) dodge points for each.
Bob gets -80 (1000 – |40*27|) Dodge points and has a total of 0 free dodges stored up. This player always must face a dodge penalty such as queue wait-time or elo loss.

Ways in which the system 'dodges' possible exploitations:
Once a player reaches ranked 40 queues (minimum needed to get to 400 points) they get rewarded for having stayed in queue.
Since a player who isn’t toxic/perfectionist is more likely to stay in queue and get into the game, they are more likely to have higher Dodge point scores.

With the maximum possible score being 1000 due to how the math figures out, a player can’t play so many games as to keep the bonuses but troll anyway (200 extra possible points in case they get a series of unlikely events).
With a low enough amount of points (only reachable by entering a high enough number of queues) players would receive warnings, temporary bans, then permanent bans while also resetting their rates (and thus their score) (perhaps start them with a lower score though) so they wouldn’t be re-banned immediately upon returning.

Good Queuers with high scores get 1 - 2 free dodges a day, usable to dodge troll matches thus keeping their dodge rate high
Queuers who dodge for illegitimate reasons don’t get the free dodges to avoid trolls, and are thus disincentivized because they are forced to deal with the trolls in the current system. (Note this is also where the system’s only flaw appears, as an ‘elo hell’-type effect could occur, where if you’re unable to deal with trolls, your score would keep getting lowered (though very slowly) since you’re forced to deal with them instead of being able to freely dodge them. Fortunately, due to the reset after a temporary ban/warning, you’re automatically placed at a higher score/rating thus giving you a better chance of not falling back into the ‘hell’).
Trolls/Toxic Queuers would be litigated to not only no rewards, but if they’re toxic enough, they’ll cross the threshold and be auto-banned.
Perfectionist Queuers would be forced to change their ways to avoid falling into the same path as the troll queuers.

Of course the numbers should probably be tweaked, and the ratios may not be perfect (I suspect I’m missing some type of scenario that would result in something going awry with the system).

Feel free to add suggestions and comments!

P.S. Any reference to dodgepoints as 'DP' will get a hearty laugh followed by a droll ignorance of sexual innuendo.

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Senior Member


Maybe I miss it but with your fancy system, it still give more penalty to the player dodging instead of the troll.

So how are we better ? Oh ya, when a troll that have 50 poits dodge another troll, he will have to go sit out for few minutes...

Vote kick is about 15 times simpler and will be much more effective then this.
A for effort, just wont get you anywhere.

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Ben B0t

Senior Member


It's not based on how many times you dodge, but how many times dodges occur in queues you end up in.
A troll would enter more queues that don't result in a game than a normal player.

Also, there are no added penalties from the system we have in place now. The only theoretical penalty added is perpetuated on such a low queue-rating that you get auto-warned.

Vote Kick has a plethora of exploits (group of 4 repetitively queue up and kick a 5th), and simplicity does NOT mean a system is better.
The effectiveness of the system is based on its results, which aren't as perfect as Vote Kick, but without any exploits.
Vote Kick will NEVER be implemented due to its flaws and exploits.