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Team Fatal's 1v1 tournament!

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hey summoners! I'm wanting to start up my own 1v1 tournament that will run weekly if i get 8-16 people! itll be double elimination. the first few weeks wont have prices as im new to running tournaments just consider it practice for both you and i! heres the link to the rules and sign up page! THE RULES ARE NOT SET IN STONE AS THIS IS BEING WORKED ON AS WELL. I WANT EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY. if you see a rule you disagree with.. or a better cooler idea. let me know i already have brainstormed lots of rule variants. ill try to keep track of who wants what and meet at the middle somewhere.

http://www.teamfatal.net/forum/m/105...1v1-tournament (http://www.teamfatal.net/forum/m/10563594/viewthread/5569771-team-fatal-1v1-tournament)