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Ranking system, discouraging.

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I've been playing LoL for a very very very long time, but have just recently started playing ranked games and I have to say that the ranking system is quite disappointing. Since I'm new to ranked games atm, my elo is very low and i get teamed up with so many "bad" players that it feels a bit impossible to get into higher elo. Riot, can't you do something about the ranking system? I know for a fact there are a lot of players out there that feel the same way. They have the potential to get into higher elo, but the fact that they have to deal with players who are not at their level can be very discouraging. I know that it's hard to come up with a rank system that is determined by indvidual players instead of win/loss games because it's a team game, but it breaks my heart that I have to deal with people who makes up for most my loss in ranked games.