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@Xypherous: When would you want Atma's impaler??

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Just stop. Stop failing to analyze. With a use rate that low, it should be VERY clear that when Atma's is being built, in the exceedingly rare circumstance that it is being built, it's being built by people that are ahead by a lot, or when the game has dragged on so late that you have upwards of 4K hp and a full build. And even then it's not core on anybody because there are other better sole offensive items out there.

Maybe stop trying to overanalyze? I think it's ok to have a low use-rate, high win-rate item. It fills niche roles, and obviously isn't in a terrible spot. I don't get why the item makes you so upset. If you don't like it, don't buy it, but shit, it's obviously working ok for the people who do use it.