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[Rochester NY] 5v5 Cash Tourney - 1/26

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Junior Member


League of Legends 5v5 Tournament
Every Fourth Saturday.
Next event is January 26th at Noon
Entry Fee - $75 per Team ($15 per player)
Format - 5v5 Ban Pick Summoner's Rift In house Tournament
Prizes - 1st and 2nd place teams will win prizes
Only the first 8 teams who pay their entry fee will be entered into the contest. Pre-Registration is available at the store or by calling at 585-427-2190

Millennium Games and the Cyberstorm Lounge
3047 West Henrietta Road
Rochester NY 14620

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Kokoro Sora



Are There going to be anymore event held in Rochester at all? If so im crafting a team fit for the gods and we are looking to play some games!