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[Skin Concept] Zamboni Sejuani

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First time poster here, but I wanted to share an idea I had. I do not have anything more than an idea, and welcome pictures, thoughts, and improvements to help get this created.

My idea: Zamboni Sejuani.

Pic of a Zamboni: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRiLMrp_PlTUBgiIZDC4rIKfCQedvRl74uonSVgz3-8uUn5FwHbtg

Definition: a brand of machine that smooths the surface of the ice on a rink.

Sejuani could be hockey related (Similar to Brolaf) with a jersey, and maybe swinging a hockey stick around or something. (again, ideas welcome)

One day while playing i saw the icey Sejuani up on her fat pig mount, and just thought that would be funny and cool if it was a ice rink machine she was riding, and all the people I play with on skype immediately laughed and thought it was an absolutely fantastic idea.

Excited to see any posts on ideas and thoughts.