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Post-S2 Damage

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Everybody is doing so high amount of damage its not even funny. Champions are melting way to fast. Squishy champions getting 2 shotted, tanks melting much more faster.

Before these changes, nobody was getting killed this fast. Armor/MR had some meaning. Now its just offense only. Defensive items are weak seriously.. If one champion can 2-3 shot you through 250+ armor then there is something seriously wrong.

Penetration changes and addition of new items are contributing to this problem.

BFT changes did nothing but delay the inevitable. BC+ LW still rips the target. Only option remains is HP, and that will do nothing but delay your dealth by few seconds. You will be getting tremendous amount of damage.

So my questions are, why introduce items giving every required stat in high numbers? Wasnt this the reason behind few items removal for being too "Slot Efficient"? You know what i am talking about.

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True, and instead of making games faster like Riot intended, it made them slower because people became more conservative after they realized this and just farm more and longer.