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Riot's Inferno

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A Shiny Quagsire



Im not a writer... but work is in my way so I'll finish this later.

Even a summoner who follows the meta and plays his role dutifully can still fall into the depths of depravity and rage. Arriving into a world that seems to be against you at every turn and that slowly corrupts you without notice. This is the realm know as Elo Hell and its gateways are always open to anyone willing to take that first blissfully ignorant step.

It was through my first steps into ranked that i found the entrance into this malefic realm. At first our two different worlds do not look so different, people are willing to be flexible and helpful. The first few placement matches go by and a few of your teammates had a few hiccups and along with your help have cost you most of your games. Thus your path to Elo Hell is set, oftentimes you don't even realize you've made it there until your first real games. That is when you notice your world has started to change.

The creatures that inhabit this realm are few but seem to be well adapted to their environment. Many of them are human or at least human like in appearance. Ones who are called "trolls" can be the most deceiving or the most blatant of them all. They feed off of the rage and anger of those closest to them. The most recently born trolls often seem erratic and impatient using blatant taunts to get a reaction from their prey. The more experienced ones are more beguiling and often more difficult to find out, often times you don't find out what they really are until it is too late.

Then there are the ones who think they have found the way out. They are the ones who search for ideals who have no place in this plane of existence. They would start out as promising competitors able to see through the deceptions of even the cleverest of trolls but eventually this ability would lead to their downfall. They abandon their teammates rather than go through a grueling feeding but who could blame them? Soon they start seeing trolls where there are none and find themselves waiting longer just to have fun rather than play with trolls. In time they simply leave just because it feels right, they forget what it is like to play finding comfort in the safety of leaving and the hopes that one day they will play a game where there are no trolls.

These are but a few denizens of this world and many more are being developed as time passes but the most terrifying is the lord of this realm. In my quest to fight my way out I encountered him. His presence permeates throughout the entirety of Elo Hell smothering any hope of ever escaping. I know that it is he who arranges the matches here so that his spawn can eat and grow. It is he who gives the leavers their "gift", slowly driving them mad and unable to play. And, it is he who reassure those who enter his domain that they do not belong there. He assures them that it is through the fault of everyone else that they continue to suffer as they do. He plays the cruelest of mind games on you until you eventually see reason and he offers you a hope of escaping through the aid of one of his sons.

He is known and hated by all yet he has warped the emotions of many to make him love him.

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Senior Member


just got level 30 today, you are scaring me man.