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The Showdown at Snowdown [Winter fic]

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Peach Goddess

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Here's a fanfic for you Journal of Justice lovers. Enjoy!

This tale takes place after the event in Freljord (found here (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/news/champion-skin-sale-save-snowdown-0)) in which a crazy wizard is lurking around in the mountains. Volibear and Kennen, along with their squads, continue to chase him through the storms.

Snowdown. It is the one time a year where champions and rivals alike disregard their differences and gather at the League of Legends, celebrating the new season and the end of a prosperous year. They come from all over the corners of Runeterra: from the harsh landscape of Freljord to the wicked islands of the Shadow Isles. Each year, Summoner’s Rift is transformed from its snowy covered jungle to a decorative display of sparkling lights and warm atmosphere. Champions can gather anywhere, but they tend to linger in the center of mid lane at the Plaza, where the food and music are.

There was only an hour before the festivities were to begin, and Ashe, with her servant, strode onto Summoner’s Rift. She always liked arriving early; it gave her a chance to scope out her surroundings and get a feel for where she was. This day in particular she was especially observant. Her ice blue eyes darted around nervously, and each step she took was full of tension.

He’s not going to be here. No, he had gotten trapped by the avalanches weeks ago...

Images of the encounter ravaged her mind. The laughter, oh the laughter…That by itself was nearly unbearable. His had grinned oh so evilly as he killed and tortured numerous of my Freljord warriors--with just a wave of his hand too--as we attempted to apprehend him. Ashe’s thoughts grew deeper and more cluttered. He shouldn’t be here…but still, she thought, what is this wrenching sensation inside me? Why do I feel like I’m being watched…?


Ashe hadn’t realized that she had stopped walking, and that she was breathing heavily. The snow looked alien around her--and for a second she thought she was under one of his mind tricks--but then she remembered that she was at the League of Legends now, not Freljord.

The servant was now facing her, his brow creased with worry. “Is everything alright? You look ill.”

“I am fine, Kimble. Thank you for your concern.”

Kimble eyed her warily. “I only wish of the best for you, my queen.” He leaned in close to her, and whispered, “We both know that Kennen and Volibear’s teams chased him far away, up into the highest mountains of Freljord. King Tryndamere is supervising the operation to make sure that the insane wizard stays there. And besides, even if he had managed to sneak past them, by the time he would’ve come here, Snowdown would be long over. You have nothing to worry about.”

The Frost Queen forced a smile. “Maybe you’re right.”

Kimble’s face lit up in encouragement. “There you go! Now, let’s head to the Plaza and see what the other champions are up to.” Any trace of the previous conversation was gone from Kimble’s expression. He held out his arm to her eagerly. “Shall we?”


As Ashe and Kimble made their way to the Plaza, they were greeted by complex lacings of multicolor trees lights that stretched from pine to pine, all the way to the entrance of the Plaza. The entrance was a long, stone arch, also covered with lights. A small Yordle with goggles and a blue coat was perched atop the arch, apparently yelling at someone from below.

“Aw, c’mon Trist! Shoot me some lights!”

Ashe and Kimble weren’t close enough yet to hear the response, so they watched on with curiosity.

“Whaddya mean this doesn’t look safe? Just shoot me a line so I can put more lights on here! Aren’t you supposed to have perfect aim with that thing?” There was a pause, and then the Yordle up top stamped his foot angrily. “Well, if you’re so scared then just rocket jump your way up here and give me the stupid lights!”

Ashe was passing through the arch when Trist fired up her tree lighting cannon and flew into the air to land cleanly beside Ziggs. The snow from the jump pummeled Ashe, and she fell backwards. From the ground, she looked up to see Ziggs, Tristana, and Kimble all staring at her.

Ziggs slapped Trist’s arm. “Now look what you’ve done! You’ve gone and hurt Ashe. You can expect cold fury from her now when you face her in Summoner’s Rift! Hahahahaha! I’ll be looking forward to that—“

“No, it’s quite alright,” Ashe responded, holding back her laughter. Kimble helped her stand while she brushed the snow off her clothes. “It was kind of funny actually.”

Tristana stuck her tongue out at Ziggs, who then formed a snowball and chucked it at her face. The blow knocked her off the arch and face first into a pile of snow. Ziggs growled at her. “I don’t need your help! I’ll finish this by myself!”


There were several other champions here besides Ziggs and Tristana. Morgana and Lulu were busy preparing the food for Snowdown, while Teemo and Shen were dashing about with more stands of lights. Heimerdinger had set up his turrets so that they would blow out fresh snow to cover the entire Rift. And, lastly, Mordekaiser and Kayle were just walking about making snowmen in difference shapes and sizes around the Plaza.

“Ashe Milady, why don’t we go see the snowmen they are making?” Kimble inquired.

I guess I have nothing better to do, Ashe thought. “Okay.”

Kayle was deeply immersed in a particular snow sculpture she was making. It was clearly not a snowman. As Ashe and Kayle walked by, they peeked at her work. It showed Morgana getting stabbed in the chest by a knight with wings. Ashe could almost feel Morgana’s rage emanating from the sculpture. I wonder how Morgana will react to that later.

Suddenly, a piercing screech of rage rang through the air. “YOU INSOLENT FOOL! WHY DO YOU MOCK MY COOKING WHEN YOU SAY IT ALL TASTES ‘PURPLE?!”

The Freljord pair rushed over to the sound and found a fuming Fallen Angel staring at a Lulu almost in tears. “I was wrong! It-it actually tastes gree—“


Lulu tripped in the snow as she scurried away to hang out with Teemo. He soon gave her a light stand and pointed for her to decorate a tree. Within a couple minutes she was back to her bubbly self, bouncing about and hanging the strands all over. Pix helped her reach the highest parts, including the star on top. As soon as Pix put the star on, the tree started shaking. Ornaments and candy canes rolled off the tree…except the tree wasn’t a tree at all! It was Maokai!

Maokai grumbled and stretched out his arms. “Who woke me from my hibernation?”

Lulu noticed Teemo was slipping away quietly so she ordered Pix to grab him and pull him over. “Teemo did it!”

“What?! No I didn’t! I didn’t decorate that tree!”

“You told me to decorate it though, liar!”

“No, I…But I thought it would be funny to—“

Maokai towered over the Yordles and bellowed, “I don’t really care who did it because I know that both of you did it! As punishment, you are to take off these pieces of shiny plastic, or else

Teemo piped up, his voice desperate. “But Maokai, you look so festive!”

“I looked festive last year! I just want to hibernate this year—“

“Attention! All champions gather in the center of the Plaza please!” The League’s Head Snowdown Summoner, Lance Sparks, or LS for short, had just entered the Plaza and stood waiting for the few Champions.

Once Ziggs had gotten down from the arch and Kayle had finished her sculpture, LS began, “As you know, Snowdown will begin in a couple of minutes, so please finish up what you are doing and get your part ready. Be sure to greet each champion as they come! That is all. Happy Snowdown!”

All the champions—except for Maokai--echoed back, “Happy Snowdown!” and then went back to their spots, cleaning up all the unused materials and burnt food. Shen approached each champion, collected the material, and then ninja dashed back to the shop and respawn fountain to drop it off. Ashe and Kimble didn’t have a job—since they had come early and weren’t part of the decorating crew—so they decided to take a brisk walk around the other parts of Summoner’s Rift until they heard voices of more champions at the Plaza.


Ashe was impressed at how every tree had lights and ornaments on them. No matter which path they took, the trees were decorated beautifully and evenly. Back in Freljord, lights and decorations would never be able to withstand the blizzards and storms, so the people made the inside of their houses festive and bright. The more decorated one’s house was, the richer they were, or so the saying goes. Ashe’s many assistants were always the ones to decorate the Royal Freljord Fort; in fact, they insisted that they do everything whenever Ashe volunteered to help out.

The Frost Queen walked up to one of the trees now, and examined a red ornament. She chuckled at the sight, at how that ornament can just hang there peacefully, without a gush of wind to knock it off. It must be so peaceful, living in this part of Runeterra here, Ashe mused. In a part where you don’t have to worry about charging head on into danger that you can’t even see. The sun shines even in the winter season here. How nice.

Suddenly, Ashe’s head pulsed with nausea. Her vision became blurry and tunnel-like, and she stumbled, dropping the ornament. Kimble caught her and steadied her, although he too was dizzy. “What was that?”

Immediately, Ashe’s warrior training kicked in, and she held out her hand. “Kimble, my bow please.”

“I cannot Lady Ashe! The rules…”

She nearly snarled at him. “I know! But something’s coming. Something dark. Give it to me.”

Kimble’s expression was full of indecision. “I-I won’t…”

Heavy, black smoke seeped out from underneath the trees, edging closer to them.


Kimble, fear-stricken now, reached under his cape to take out the bow, only to grow lightheaded again. He collapsed in pain, holding his head. Slowly, he looked up to see the mass of smoke form into a creature.

It was Nocturne. “Oh, there you are, Ashe. The others have been looking for you.” He glanced at the servant on his hands and knees, and then turned his eyes back to Ashe. “Is Tryndamere accompanying you?”

“No, but he should be coming soon,” Ashe huffed, recovered now.

“He’s not here…Okay…I see.” Nocturne gazed at Ashe, then back to Kimble, then back to Ashe, saying nothing more. At that instant, if he could smile, then he would be, so instead he settled for a throaty snicker.

Ashe was puzzled at his motionless face. She mumbled, half to herself, “What are you…?” And then it hit her. Her face turned bright red, and, with a surge of rage, she ran up to Nocturne, and threw a punch. “Why you!? You sick b*stard! We were just enjoying the rest of the Snowdown decorations! Nothing else!

The punch went right through his transparent being. Although his voice was somewhat apathetic, he tried his best to add a sarcastic tone to it. “Ahahaha…Oh no…you punched my essence. That hurt…sooo much. I’m probably bleeding out now, or whatever you humans call it. Thanks for killing me.”

Ashe stood there seething for a couple minutes while Kimble up righted himself. They turned to leave before realizing that Nocturne was blocking the only way out. His face, although stoic was saying, you’ll have to follow me. We wouldn’t want you two getting lost again…heh heh…

With all her dignity gone, Ashe grabbed Kimble and followed Noct back to the Plaza.


It seemed, as usual, that once again the champions had arrived by factions. As Ashe scanned the Plaza, she could see that all the Demacian champions and Noxian champions were gathered together, although separate from each other. The Ionian and Piltover champions were by the snack table, a large and long table made of Heimerdinger’s ice concoction. Ashe guessed it was the same as last year’s, until she saw Brand strutting about, juggling snowballs while giving Ahri and Elise a wolish grin. In previous
Snowdowns, Brand’s hot elemental nature caused all the snow surrounding him to melt and even vaporize. The Summoners tried their best to suppress the heat, but their magical boundaries were no match for a flame elemental. As a result, Brand had had an area for himself in which he was allowed to enjoy the Snowdown. Maybe that was why he tended to be hot headed all the time.

Whooping and hollering from the left drew Ashe’s attention. She and Kimble made their way through the crowd to find Garen and Darius in an intense arm wrestle. A square ice table—now an arena for two tough warriors--cracked and groaned underneath their right arms. Both champions straining and sides cheering on, it was quite a sight to see. It was beginning to look as if Garen was taking the lead. He surged his arm forward, and Darius gasped at the strength Garen still seemed to have. Upon questioning Swain, the two had been at it for almost ten minutes now.

Darius’ brow creased with tension; any moment now and it would be all over. A roar building in his chest, Garen pushed with all his might, yelling, “DEMACIAAAA!”

The hand lock stopped just inches from the table. Gasps were heard from the crowd, and all eyes turned to Darius. He was smirking. “You forget…my friend…that Noxus will always win.”

Crack! Darius’ hand was the only hand that could be seen through the shattered table. The Noxians’ cheer could not be outmatched. They high-fived each other and chanted ‘Darius’ with excitement.

“Noxus has won!”

“That’ll show those weak Demacians!”

“Nothing surprising here. Darius can beat anyone

With the Demacians’ pride injured, they found it difficult to hold their heads high. Garen stood up and held out his hand to Darius. “Well played, Noxian.”

Darius turned and clasped his hand while bowing his head in respect. “To you as well.”

The two groups were beginning to disperse when a voice called out, “Hush. The Draven approaches.”

Lux and Prince Jarvan IV stood aside as the Magnificent Draven made his entrance. He took each step slowly, turning his head towards each group and nodding, as if he was letting them bask in his very presence.

Darius leaned over the ruined table and set his arm on it. “You really think you can take me, Draven? You’ve never been as strong as your brother here.”

Draven dropped his arm on the table, his eyes glowing a devious light, and grasped Darius’ hand,. “Ah, but you’re forgetting one thing. It’s not Draven. It’s Draaaaaven

Darius chucked. “Hah! It’s on now!”

After watching Darius and Garen physically exhaust themselves, Ashe felt a little drained, even though she didn’t participate. She decided to go to the food table and get a bite to eat. The loud crowds made her feel a little uneasy anyway.

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Peach Goddess

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The table was filled with a handy assortment of cookies, punch, and small chocolate truffles, each flavor having their own serving plate and bowl. As Kimble went to grab a snowman shaped cookie, a small, green hand snatched it first. Kimble peered down to see a green ghoul piling desserts on an ice sheet it balanced on its head. It then floated over to where Elise and Yorick--along with his other ghosts--were sitting. Yorick took the plate and patted the ghoul on the head, who then sunk underground and disappeared from view.

Ashe grabbed a sheet and put two cookies and a truffle on it, and filled up a cup with some punch. Eyeing a place to sit, she turned and almost ran into Talon.

He was grinning at her. “Still need a bodyguard to watch over you, eh? That’s nice.”

“Oh shut up! Don’t be acting all high and mighty. It was one time!” Ashe was recalling her latest fiasco on the battle fields, where her summoner spammed her ‘joke’ so much that she could no longer hold her bow. As it fell to the ground, the enemy Olaf crushed it. She had prepared herself for the hacking pain she was about to receive, even shutting her eyes, but it had never come. Talon had appeared out of nowhere and quickly disposed of Olaf with just a few strikes. He had looked at her with a mischievous smile and said, “You want me to hold your hand next?”

Back at Snowdown, Talon stepped closer to her. “Alright, well, if you ever feel like running off with someone again, give me a shout and I’ll be your ‘bodyguard’ for a while.”

Ashe couldn’t stop her cheeks from blushing in embarrassment as he walked away. That ****ing Nocturne just can’t keep his mouth shut! God!

She looked around for the ring leader, but instead found someone else lingering on the edges of the Plaza. With haste she rushed over to him, her food forgotten. Kimble had a hard time keeping up with her as she ducked and weaved through the champions. She stopped now in front of Tryndamere and hugged him. There were a million things swimming in her head to say to him, but she only managed to gasp out, “You-you’re okay…”

Tryndamere’s face was shadowed. “Yes, I am.” He broke off from the hug and stroked Ashe’s face. “There’s something I need to tell you though.”

“What is it?”

“We thought we had the situation in control, but we were playing right into his hands. Kennen and Volibear won’t be coming to Snowdown this year.”

Ashe’s heart started racing. Fearfully she choked out, “Why not?”

He looked away, his expression unreadable. He was silent for a long time. Eventually, he turned to face her, his eyes full of pain and his voice hoarse. “Because he might have killed them. All of them. I only got away because they sacrificed their safety for me, to make sure that I could get here and tell you this.”

Tryndamere, a King and champion known for his bravery and toughness at the sight of death, had tears dripping off his chin. Ashe stared at him, horrified. The world around her dissipated and the only thing she could see was Tryndamere. Echoing through her mind was:

This isn’t happening. It’s all a trick. He’s not really crying. He never cries.

He was sobbing quietly now, and Ashe found that she was comforting him, instead of the other way around. Maybe it was because of the shock numbing her senses. She cooed to him like she would coo the little Freljord children. “It’s going to be alright—“

“It’s not though!” A river of tears streamed down his face. His breaths came uneasily. “I saw what he is capable of, a-and we’re all screwed! Especially s-since the rule prohibits us f-from bringing weapons!” He took a big breath, and whispered, “Don’t you see? He plans to end the League of Legends. He’s going to slaughter us all…”

“If he kills us here, we’ll just respawn at the fountain, remember?”

Tryndamere just gazed at Ashe, overcome with emotion. Ashe embraced him again, and found that he held her back. She could feel her cape getting wet from the Barbarian King’s tears.

A tap on her shoulder alerted Ashe. She angled her head towards the touch and saw Kimble. “Umm, Milady, the Snowdown toast is about to begin. LS is making his speech right now.”

Ashe had to think quickly. No doubt Kimble was feeling awkward at the moment. “Why don’t you go and take our places for the toast? You are temporarily dismissed.”

“As you wish.” He bowed formally and joined the other champions.

LS was still talking. “…has been an honor to have 100+ champions join our League of Legends. We’ve had some very unique champions this year to top it off as well…”

Ashe whispered to Tryndamere, “Trynda, look. Nothing’s happened yet. How do you know for sure he will be here?”

No response, except for some sniffing. Ashe saw a light out of the corner of her eye, and upon focusing on it she noticed Lux was trying to grab her attention.

She was mouthing something to her. Why aren’t you guys over here?

Ashe shook her head. It’s…complicated.

Lux narrowed her eyes, then widened them when she saw Trynd’s face. Is he…?

“Elise, Darius, Draven, welcome to the League and Snowdown…”

Ashe tried her best to look composed. Irrelevant. Do something for me and find Shen; tell him to check out the summoning platform.

Okay, Lux mouthed back. She was soon lost amidst the group.

“Haha! That’s a nice one, Draven! Anyways…”

Ashe felt Trynd move a bit. He seemed to be a little recovered. “Ashe…”


“Do you see that up there?”

“See what? Where are you looking?”

“Right above us. Way up there.”

“I don’t see it.”

“But it’s right…wait, now it’s gone. There it is again.” He broke away from Ashe and swung his head back and forth according to where he thought he saw a flash.

Ashe stepped away from him and scanned the Plaza. “Where’s Shen? Why isn’t he here yet—?”

“Ashe…” Shen appeared next to her. His clothes were slightly singed, and he gulped for air. “The…the fountain…It’s off or something. When I touched it, a shock went through my body. It was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. Something’s wrong with it.”

You are correct. Something is wrong. Heeheeehahahah!

Ashe froze. “That laugh…”

Shen stood, confused. “What laugh?”

“Again, I thank you all for coming to the Snowdown this year…” LS was raising his glass now.

The Frost Queen looked to Trynd for answers and found his face to be pale as a ghost. “No…no way…” he mumbled.

She followed his eyes, and what she saw raised a lump in her throat.

There, just a few feet behind LS on the Plaza’s center platform, was him. The Wizard.

Yellow sparks jumped around him as he stood up to his full height. Ashe watched him reach into his belt to unsheathe a long, black sword. A sword darker than Nocturne, who was darkness itself.

The other champions were holding up their glasses as well. LS continued thanking, completely unaware. “And I wish you all a happy…”

Going on instinct once again, she moved her legs as fast as she could go yelling, “Stop! Look behind you!”

She wasn’t fast enough. Just as she reached the group of champions, the Wizard made his move. Lightning quick, he grabbed LS’ shoulder and stabbed him. The last thing LS remembered before everything blacked out was a dark sword protruding from his chest. With a smooth sweep of his sword, the Wizard flicked the body away. The thud it made echoed through the trees.

The Yordles ran over to the slain LS, shouting their concern. “Hey LS!” “LS, wake up!” “Why hasn’t his body transferred to the fountain yet?” “Why is he still here?” “Is he actually dead? No, that can’t be…”

Jarvan took control of the situation before confusion and panic broke out. He walked up to the Wizard, who was still standing on the platform, and spoke. “You should have thought your plan through more thoroughly, scum! There’s more than a hundred of us…and only one of you.”

The voice that spoke sounded like metal scrapping against metal. A horrible, rustic scoff. “Only 100? That’s a shame. I thought there were more.”

Tryndamere’s voice could be heard over the shouting. “All of you stay back! Get away from him!”

Swain stormed over to him, his voice like acid. “Are you telling us to flee from him like cowards?!”

“He has killed my Freljord warriors who were armed to the teeth. Without swords or maces we—”

“Noxians aren’t Mama’s boys, Trynd.” Swain ran towards his comrades, and rallied them. “Noxians, pull out your weapons, and attack that *******! Charge!”

“Demacians, to me!” It was Jarvan’s voice now. “Everyone else, go out and flank this murderer! Don’t let him escape!

The Wizard watched the champions surrounding him with pleasure. “Oh, look how clever you are. Do come closer.”

Lux twirled her staff and shot a ball of light, which was one of the first projectiles to hit the Wizard’s electric barrier. Anivia and Galio circled around the Wizard, firing shots of energy when they could. Brand and Nami blasted fire and water at the barrier, while the Noxians threw lethal concoctions and poisonous spears at it. The Demacians battered the other side with lasers of lights and volleys of arrows. The melee champions hacked and slashed the ground barrier. The ability power champions summoned their magical spells and sent them crashing into the yellow sparks.

The champions’ voices were thick with determination. “Keep it up!” “Any second now and his force field will cave in!” “Faster you Noxians! Faster!”

Kha’Zix and Rengar dashed up to the barrier and unleashed a fury of swipes and stabs before landing smoothly.

The Wizard laughed evily. “Ahahahaha! Is that all you’ve got? I was expecting a challenge.”

“One more round, champions! Give it all you’ve got!”

More energy blasts and sword swings crashed and slashed the barrier.

Jarvan and Swain yelled together. “Hold your fire now! Hold your fire!”

Hands and weapons were lowered all around.

The Wizard looked intriguely. “Is that it? That’s all you’ve—” Suddenly, his face contorted, as if in actual pain. The barrier around him fractured slightly, and shards fell to the ground. His eyes turned to slits. “Well, looks like you have some fight in you after all. I have to admit, you mortals are much more persistent than those in the mountains. Now, it’s my turn.”

Ashe was pushing Trynd desperately. “We need to run…now! Before it’s too—“ She would never finish that sentence. The other champions as well realized too late what was happening as their vision was blinded in white.

It seemed that eona had passed and the only thing Ashe could still see was white. White all around. It felt conforting to her, as if she was floating in a white pool, without the need to breathe. Just floating.

Suddenly, the whiteness around her curled and submitted to a black haze. She desperately reached and grabbed around aimlessly in an attempt to salvage the whiteness. The black was making her claustrophobic; she squeezed her eyes shut. Immediately, she was met with excruciating pain that battered her whole body. When she opened her eyes, her vision was filled with yellow and falling bodies. She tried twitching her leg, and recoiled internally at the pain. Was it broken?

Slowly, she realized that she couldn’t move anything except for her eyes. She blinked slowly and painfully as she tried to make sense of the scene in front of her.

“Oh look! One’s still alive.” It could only be the Wizard’s manic cackle. He methodically walked over to her, his head blocking the moonlight. His eyes glowed like that of an eager executioner. “Congratulations. You’ve survived a quick death. For you reward, I’ll give you a nice, slow one! Hahahaha!”

Ashe’s lips quivered. She could barely move her lips to form words. “…N-no…”

“What was that, Freljordian?” Ashe coughed out blood; she could feel liquid rushing out of her abdomen where the Wizard had punctured her with his spiked boots. Her vision was blotched with black spots, but in the corner of her eyes she watched with terror as a body reached out its arms and pulled itself up to its hands and knees.

Ashe gasped, “Kimble…” between her ragged breathing.

“Enough muttering, Frost Queen!” A blow to her legs shocked her system.

Kimble, now on one knee, reached behind his back and took out Ashe’s bow. He unbuttoned a secret compartment on his kilt and revealed a single frost arrow, which he began knocking quietly.

They locked eyes; Ashe’s were full of pleading and concern. Don’t do it!

Another round of punching and kicking almost knocked Ashe unconscious, yet somehow she hung onto a thin stream of herself.

Kimble had drawn the string back now, his arms parallel to the ground. In one sweeping motion, he stood up and let the arrow fly…

…Straight into the Wizard’s exposed back.

He stumbled once at the force of the hit, then steadied himself and yanked the arrow out, cracking the shaft in half.

Ashe zoned out for a second and when she came to, the Wizard had dissolved, only to materialize in front of Kimble.

The Wizard grabbed Kimble’s throat, and lifted him until his feet were dangling in the air. “Well, what an unsurprising twist. I was hoping you would watch your Queen die in silence. It seems it will be the other way around now.”

Kimble struggled to loosen himself, but the Wizard had an iron grip. “You’ll…You’ll never win!”

“You mortals amuse me so. Always in belief of your defiance up until the very end. How courageous.”

Kimble winced as the grip tightened. “Even…if…you kill them…they will come right…back! You’ve…lost…”

“How will they ‘come back’ if their precious ‘fountain’ is destroyed.?”

Kimble stared, wide-eyed, all the fight drained. “What…?”

“Ah, but I’ve told you enough already. Say goodbye!” The Wizard curled his free hand into a fist, then snapped it open. Lightning arced from finger to finger.

The Wizard’s eyes glistened in victory as he summoned a storm of sparks through Kimble’s being.

The sight, the burning agony…That was enough for Ashe. She finally let go of her consciousness, and succumbed to the darkness.


Over and over the Wizard unleashed his fury, yet every time Kimble was still breathing. “How are you still alive, knave,” he spat in contempt. More electric explosions.

In between each burst, the Wizard let Kimble stand back up momentarily before attacking him again with a stronger force of electricity. At last, his patience wearing thin, the Wizard called upon all of his dark energies and fired them at Kimble.

The Wizard couldn’t see Kimble’s face, but he was smiling. He smoothly crossed his arms in front of himself and dug his feet into the dirt. He almost lost his footing as the force collided with his arms, and pushed him back. The amount of energy Kimble was trying to hold back was 10x more than he ever had, combined.

At the last second, just before the lightning overcame him, he threw his arms apart. The entire spell shattered in the air, and then the energy rushed into Kimble. His senses felt heightened; his eyes were ablaze with electricity.

The Wizard instantly appeared in front of Kimble and lashed out with a fully charged punch. Equally as fast, Kimble seized his wrist and absorbed the power emanating from it.

For the first time, a fight wasn’t in the Wizard’s favor. He tried to jerk away, but Kimble wouldn’t let him budge. Kimble’s voice was filled with a lighter, tenser tone as well as his own. “Where do you think you’re going, scrap metal

“You’re not a champion, yet you possess the strength of one. Who are you?”

“Me?” Kimble burst out laughing. Spying an opening, the Wizard launched his other hand at him, palm open. Their palms crashed into each other, shaking the Rift’s foundation. “Oh, I’ll tell you, alright.” Yellow and blue light radiated out of their hands, growing ever brighter. “Who am I?!” Kimble was shouting now as he discharged all of his power. “I. am. Kimble! The Freljord Reflector!!”




“Kimble…? Kimble!!”

Ashe pushed herself through the group of champions to stare broken heartedly at her childhood friend, bloodied, broken, and unmoving on the ground. “Why…?” She fell to her knees, weeping. “You idiot

Everyone knew that the fountain only revived and repaired those that had been accepted into the League. Outsiders couldn’t be healed by summoners or champions. Once they died, they stayed dead here.

Kayle, Soraka, and LS had all combined their powers, all to no avail. Kimble lay motionless, the whites of his eyes present.

Ashe was in denial. “He’s not really dead now, is he? He can’t be…”

Out of nowhere, Shaco emerged from the crowd. “Well, well, well. Looks like it’s up to Shaco to save the day.”

All eyes turned to the Jester. He chuckled at the attention. “While I too enjoy forming pretty circles around the dead, I know how to bring him back to life.”

Ashe was at him instantly. “How? Tell me!”

“I cannot tell you. But Malzahar can.”

The Void Prophet narrowed his eyes. “You fool! Stop filling heads with nonsense. That stuff doesn’t work on mortals in Runeterra.”

“You don’t know for sure though, do you? You meant to say, ‘you’ve never tried it before’, correct?”

“Well…that’s because…and…if it…gaaaah. Fine, you win.” Malzahar spread his hands apart and summoned a Void portal. “You’re getting it then, Jester

“As you wish, Prodigy.” Shaco made a fancy dive into the gaping hole. About five minutes later he popped back out and gracefully landed on his feet. He was holding a jar with dark purple liquid sloshing around inside it. “In order for him to not spontaneously combust,”--Shaco nearly fell over laughing after saying ‘combust’—“he has to drink every little bit in this jar.” He handed it to Ashe. “All of it, alright, dearie?”


Ashe tossed the empty jar to the side, and waited in anticipation. At first, nothing happened. Then, an unnatural light burst forth from his chest and covered his tattered body. The light washed over his injuries, removing them completely, and his clothes stitched themselves back together. She waited for a moment more, but Kimble stayed lifeless.

Her heart felt heavy with anguish and sadness. Tears started forming in her eyes again. “I-I guess—“

A hand grabbed her arm. “Guess…I’m…too awesome for you?”

Ashe struggled for breath as she hugged him. “Oh, Kimble! I can’t believe it…”

“Me either. Can you help me up now? All this fighting’s made me starving.”

Jarvan drew everyone’s attention. “I say we all go back to the Plaza, and have a real Snowdown!”

“I’ll race ya there!”


“No, I’m faster!”

“Best Snowdown Ever!”

As the champions walked back to the Plaza in unison, one could not help but feel joyful as well. However, a single being observed the group from far away. It’s voice seemed otherworldly, and ancient.

Hah! You think you’ve ended everything just because you took down one of us? No, this is only the beginning…The beginning…of a Glorious Evolution.

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Great work! Is there going to be any more?

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Peach Goddess

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Great work! Is there going to be any more?

I left it open ended in case an idea for a sequel pops into my head sometime in the future. Nothing so far on this, however, I have a couple unfinished drafts for a Thresh/Hecarim fanfic...

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Peach Goddess

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Anyone have feedback on my writing?

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