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Elk Whisperer

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Observation-The musty halls of the institute began to rumble as the double arch doors grinded open. In walked a brooding, menacing figure, the air of terrible deeds hung in droves. Eons of death and destruction had tempered his soul, reforged his pride into a twisted mockery of once was. The weapon, a warglaive of unusually large size, he carried in the left, the runes burned into the keen blade spoke of untold and terrible deeds resolved only through eons of violence. The institute arch doors grinded once more, slamming shut and blocking the tinctures of light that had spilled through, leaving only the hulking, brooding reptile alone in the dark architecture.

Date is 19 CLS, Observation will begin.


The rancid smell of mixed sweat and ragged breathing had filled the close proximity brawl that was ensuing over the burning sand. He danced back and forth, his quick reflexes had given Nasus a run for his money. A good fight it was, however, it was he this time, who would be the victor.

A hole in defense here, an unchecked angle there. He saw it, with a keen eye that only his reptilian instincts would allow, Nasus would lose here. With a gleam in his burning eyes, the initial blow was evaded with a savage dive, time seemed to slow as he flew by the glowing stave. He savored the look of surprise frozen on his brothers face, the warglaive was brought to bear upon the exposed left side.

This battle was his.

See with your senses, not your eyes.

With a blurred motion, the older sibling whipped the left side of his hip around and brought his forward motion onto the front foot.The stave that seemed uncalculated and inherently evaded by the younger brother moments earlier had come back around, the momentum of the initial swing bringing the stave back full circle.

He realized the error in his tactic. In the rush to best his brother, he had completely forgotten about his own reckless abandon, and was about to be punished for it.

Nasus completed the feint and dodged the forward slice brought down by the glaive, the jagged blade stuck in the sand. With a final twirl uncharacteristically agile and smooth of one so reserved, the weapon was brought down onto the back of the reptile's neck with a rapt crack. The force of the dive and blow had thrown Renekton facefirst into the sand, dazed and defeated.

Moments passed, Renekton ground his teeth furiously in the sand. It was impatience that had lost him the battle, and it was ironic that it was he who had been chastised prior about the importance of a clear mind and strong perception.

Those who are driven without purpose and act without deliberation are lost

What was there to fight for? If this was all he had?

The warrior walks a thin line between honor and madness, tread the path cautiously

Why was he the one to stand at the gate, then? To go nearly insane while his brother stood coldly and watched from the library? He who had slain all the corrupt ones while his brother was given credit?

The path of the warrior was all he knew, and even this was a path his brother had treaded long before his existence.

There was no honor in that. No honor in anything anymore.

Silently, he stood and grabbed the warglaive that remained lodged deep in the sand, the force of his blow splitting the surface underneath. Nasus watched intently, his ears tweaked in annoyance of the hot, bearing sun. Something was wrong, the usual camaraderie after a good match was lacking, he had almost lost even, his brother was improving remarkably, yet it seemed that he had expected something else...

Again, weapons clashed, this time the eyes of his brother replaced with a menacing, dark phantasm that seeked to rid him of all sanity. The reptile savagely brought the glaive up, tearing a diagonal rent in the spectral fabric. However, more of the phantasms had appeared, maddening whispers began to encroach upon his failing mind. Breath misted as the air became chillingly cold. It was dark, the tall, endless ceilings of the library had reverberated each roar as he brutally attempted to slaughter the endless horde of black.

He had attempted to read from the library, and the knowledge had proven dangerous.

Moments became eternity, his savage war cries echoing throughout the ancient structure. As he felt the strength ebb away, he knew they had won, it was no use fighting. Displeasing the greater ones had brought upon his damnation, and it was his own curiosity that had caused it.

He had hoped in his search for knowledge, he would become as strong as his brother, and make him proud just as so. However, he was a fool for even setting foot in this damned place, there was nothing to behold here, only death.

Weakened, and devoid of any strength left, he had fallen to one knee, and the horde of spectres began to wrench the soul of his body into oblivion. It was a terrible ordeal, one that would have driven any weaker mortal insane. He held on, his massive fortitude refused to give in. He knew, it was here that Nasus had undergone the same ordeal in the trial of the Curator, the path to becoming the next librarian.

This was why they had forbidden entrance except for those who had undergone the trials and tribulations.

He would make his brother proud.

As they cackled with delight at what remained of his soul, Renekton reached out to the forbidden contents of the library, and allowed it to overcome his very being. With a roar, the fury of the sands had answered his call, and filled his lust for becoming Nasus's equal into something else. Into hatred, a passionate, burning hatred.

The dark library lost focus, and the scene shifted into the familiar scenery of Renekton's early years under the tutelage of his brother.

However, they were no longer sparring. It was a real battle, the final battle. The knowledge and power he had gained from the library had rent his soul, his eyes shone with a brightness that spoke of madness.

As they circled and paced around one another, Nasus had shaken his head imperceptibly. Was it sadness? Remorse? He knew none of this, Only that he needed to win, to prove to Nasus that he was no longer just a shadow.

That was why he came back, that was the only reason.

But there was something else, he couldn't quite remember. Seeing the face of his brother, the same scenery, the same training grounds that had been so used many eons ago. He shook off the feeling.


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Doesn't Renekton already have a judgment?
Anyway, can't really post an opinion since it's not finished.