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Blaise the Celestial Chains

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The Celestial Chains
Blaise is a Melee caster, able to take loads of damage while disrupting the enemy team.

Q- Blaise will get a passive at level one that will increase her attack range by 20. Active, This will increase her range To 260 for one auto attack, The next auto attack will stun the enemy for 1 second, activating will reset attack timer.

W- Blaise with choose a target area to leap to. She will grow chains at location slowing enemys by 15% and after a .5 second delay she will launch herself through the air and land.

E- Blaise will slam the ground pushing chains out, knocking back enemys by 285, and slowing them by 25%

R- Blaise will turn Gold and leap into the air right above and rising all enemys around her up by a chain for 2 seconds, In this state enemys cannot be attacked, or attack themselves. The same goes for Blaise. Damage will be dealt upon landing.

My idea is that Blaise will not be a damage dealer. My idea is for her to be a tank capable of disrupting and possible if played right change a team fight. Her damage will be low just so she doesn’t become extremely over powered.
Mainly Jungler/ Top lane.