Unable to play Talon even though I purchased him a while ago

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I Trooper I

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Talon is showing up as an unowned champ and I can no longer pick him when playing a game. I've owned Talon for a while and even own a skin for him. In my purchase history it still shows me having purchased both Talon and his skin, with no mention of a refund either. I'm not certain if Talon is my only champion effected, he's just the only one I've noticed so far. Is anyone else having similar issues? Is this being looked at right now?

I just noticed that I also appear to not own Wukong, one thing I see here is that I purchased a skin for both of these champions during that large sale recently, could there be a link here. Also, in the purchase history both champions and skins say 'not refundable' rather than being already refunded or just normally purchased...