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Some Fun Changes

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Hello guys, I am slightly new here, so I'm not sure if this is the right section for suggestions (Please move if it's the wrong section, thank you ) (Also sorry if these ideas are in other areas)

So anyways, I have two suggestions which would enhance gameplay and sometimes make it more fun to play.

1) Make minions controllable. Not controllable, controllable. What I mean by that is if you hold 'c' and click the left mouse button, you could drag downwards and create a shaded box which will select any minions in the area, but only minions (No hidden items like Teemo mushrooms or Shaco jokers or people hiding in the bushes). After this, if a minion is selected, they will get shaded in and the name and stats will appear in the top right, like if you select a champion. Then, icons would appear which would say "Move Here", "Attack", "Defend", or "Retreat". Based on these, you could "control" the minions, which would add a level of more interaction to the game. (Note: Not doing anything to the minions even after selecting them would just make them do their normal job, like what they do now.)

2) Team colors. This would be in any game, basically. For example, any game you go into, there are two teams, right? Either real people vs real people or real people vs bots. When you get into your teams, a team leader would randomly be chosen. This leader wouldn't exactly do anything, except for choose the team color. Team colors would consist of basic colors- red, blue, or green (Purple is usually a bot color, and these 3 colors are the easiest colors to see). Then, all players on that team color would have their HP bar changed to the color, their base changed to that color, and even their clothes somewhat shaded into that color.

Like and comment! (Pictures coming soon )