Riot server on mac client

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Hi, im playing on a mac book pro 2011 model ( not sure of the program). I installed league of legend from your official website.

The problem is the servers, my ping says 21, and when im opening websites, there is 0 lag delay but in the game there is a 2 second delay (i personally counted it) and when it was bad enough, i suddenly dced. I tried logging back on by closing my client and re opening it and thats when another problem occurred. The client suddenly says "Not responding" and i couldnt get it to work for a good 5-10 minutes. Then i reconnect to my game and it was all fine, so i played another game. In queue i was kicked out for "not selecting a champion" when i had 25 seconds left. a notification popped before i was up when it was the other teams pick, saying it a problem has occured and it was automatically submitted to you guys. (not sure if it was received yet). Can you fix this problem please, when i am about to hit promos to D5 i suddenly lose free elo due to problems. This is an issue for me because i get trolled every other game cus someone decides to rage quit and it delays me from reaching diamond. Winning 2-3 points per game is hard for me especially when losing those points because a problem has occurred

my user is inurdreamsx
plz help