@boourns Colorblindness

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For the 1% of men that are colorblind.

When I played in season one I had a hard time last hitting minions because the health bars of minions were red and green. I couldn't tell them apart by health bars had to actually look at their armor. I was really amazed when they added the colorblind option in season two 1.12.2012 (finally got to farm :P)

Well now there's an issue with Justicar Syndra, her dark spheres are like camaflouged in summoner's rift. The classic skin syndra's dark sphere's are contrasted to green but Justicar Syndra's dark spheres are red and summoner's rift is green. So essentially it's difficult to spot the dark spheres (Q active).

^This is a repost from general discussion.

Also I have a really difficult time distinguishing in spectator mode blue team and purple team. I think it would help tremendously if its blue team, red team.

Veigar's stun cage is also the same color in both teams.

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Bumping just to make sure this doesn't get lost without being seen.