Jarvan Bot reviews "Lu Bu" Jarvan IV

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(Note: This is as of January 18th, and as it is a PBE skin, all of this is subject to change)

Yes, I know it's "Warring Kingdom" technically, but at this point it's the same concept as Frozen Fist to me. Also here's the Wikipedia page on Lu Bu: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%C3%BC_Bu

I play Jarvan. I play a LOT of Jarvan. He's like the Captain America archetype of the league, and this makes me love him even more. I have all of his skins, save for Victorious because I only started playing seriously shortly after season 2 started (see the note after if you have this skin and don't want it). Right now I feel that his skin pool is underwhelming, with the best skin being his Commando series, and hopefully this skin can fix that. I'm gonna put the cons before the pros because nobody likes brushing their teeth before eating their onion bagel.

-Due to some problems with his facial model, he looks sorta like he had a stroke and half of his face removes stationary during all of his emotes.
-Muay Thai Lee Sin moved to a different fighting style for his new skin, so why not our favorite Crown Prince of Demacia?
-Nothing really exceptional on his Demacian Standard in the way of pizzazz
-I'm broke and I'm afraid I won't have enough money to buy the skin when it pushes to live
-No new recall or death animations
-Only one new Voice Over (On his Ultimate)

-That one new VO is friggin rad (FOR THE KIIIIIING)
-The new particles are pretty awesome on his skills other than his E
-New running animation while his Shield is up is baller
-Finally 2 skins on Jarvan that don't make him look pink (cough DragonSlayer cough) or doofy (cough webbed ears cough) (Not including Victorious Jarvan)
-Really good design, the colors fit perfectly
-Thought the crest on his head would make him look weird, but it totally didn't and made him look sort of imposing

Overall feelings
-Really good job with the skin, but it could be more excellent
-Could be a bit more well done considering the six months of buildup and countless times I've put money on my account in anticipation
-Still instabuy imo supposing i have enough money to buy it (kinda weird considering the cons list looks like it outweighs the pros)

(As an aside, if anybody wants to give me their Victorious Jarvan IV to help complete my collection, add me so I could try and make one of those threads if it's possible)

I like Jarvan, this skin is sorta underwhelming but still totally instabuy. Also I really really really want Victorious Jarvan.