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New item

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We all know tanky AD's are dominating gameplay right now with no real way to counter them.
I know many of you die hard Darius,Xin,Garen,Lee etc.. players are going to nerd rage and bash me saying there is tons of counters in champions, while yes there is but they are also Tanky AD

Items like Liandre's torment can be countered with QSS 5% more like 0% GL stoping that smart Tank AD now.

Lets call this new item something liek mm oh Phreaks Bane? or True Silver Blade
My idea was actually brought on by a discuassion I had with a team of blind pick 5v5 SR
we had 2 AD 1 AP 1 Tank 1 ranged AD and were being beaten by a tema of nothing but AD tanks (Xin Xhao, Darius, Lee sin, Riven, Vi) we all were a bit fumed at the fact there was no real good item to counter them other then trying and praying they were stupid enough to stay under a tower 1 by 1

Any way the item was later thought out hard by myself and my nephew.

It could be an old staple to the former Madreds bloodrazor.
It would build from Pick Axe + Doran's Blade + Executioners Calling (with what ever total combine cost you want)
Phreaks Bane
+60 Attack Damage
UNIQUE PASSIVE: inflicts grievous wounds on enemy for 1.5 seconds (Grievous wounds reduces healing by 50%)

After obtaining 3(possibly more) champion kills it morphs into
Doran's Axe of Execution (see what I did there? lol )
+60 Attack Damage
UNIQUE PASSIVE: inflicts grievous wounds on enemy for 1.5 seconds (Grievous wounds reduces healing by 50%)
UNIQUE PASSIVE: Deals 5% of enemy champions Maximum Hit points as True damage
Does not stack with Blade of the Ruined king, Liandre's Torment, Blackfire Torch.

Suggestions are always welcome.

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Senior Member


Hi all and Riot can you help me know why you remove soul shroud nice support item, Force of Nature nice tank magic resist item and why you remove Leviathan?

(whene I was playing shyvana my build was almost every time composed by Force of Nature and Leviathan 20 stack really nice item)
so it broke my build whit her a bit... 2/6 item (2/5 boots dont counts)

Thx for the info all and Riot...
(and can you make a other item like leviathan passif whit 20 stack plz :P lower yah but it really nice)

And sorry for the bad english

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Senior Member


1) the counter to those champ is late game and adc
2) remove dorans blade, it wont upgrade into anything ever.
3) wasent executioneer calling gave crit?? So it lose that benefict??
4) why is the grevious wound on this item?
5) 5% of enemy champ hp in true dmg is SO ****ING OP, lets say some got 3k hp, you would deal 150 true dmg / attack. Maybe change to : CURRENT health, and lower that 5% or that it deal magic dmg.
6) not sure if the AFTER 3 KILL IT CHANGE INTO THAT: maybe it could have directly that passive.
7) didnt u saw the blade of the ruined knight item?? It got ad, life steal, and 4% of current hp as magic dmg.

Now for ur second post: leviathan was removed because it was bad, as the stat it gave even with a lot of stack werent enough to compensate the risk of not getting stack.

FoN was removed because 76 MR bassicly mean in a item : ap mage dont do dmg to me now.