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Lightbringer Vs. Oracles

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Let me start off by admitting I do play Teemo and Nidalee often in Twisted Treeline to take advantage of the fact there is no wards, which makes mushrooms and traps the next best thing.

I have tested with a random group using Jayce and the Lightbringer and have found this to be a bad item choice or as I call it a wasted slot, I'll explain my reasons as to why.

1) the Radius of its passive reveal is just smaller then the range of Jayce's mercury cannon which when running through the all be it small jungle doesn't really help in spotting them in enough time to react or avoid.

2) the trade off from the original LB is a let down, the life steal is minimal to almost moot in comparison with better AD options such as Hydra or Bloodthirster while being even more cost effective in the long run to take the other two.

3) in a fight lets say a Teemo drops a mushroom in a brush he pops out shoots you with dart you and your lane partner chase you use the active see the shroom pop it run on and oh oops he has more in other brushes that you wont see until you hit them and either die or lose him.

Oracles is an over all cheaper and more cost effective item.
1) the reveal radius of an Oracles is larger

2) it also reveals if the Teemo is standing still hidden in ambush mode

3) if a team mate face checks brush and you are near they can also spot the mushroom and blow it up without cause for both of you to be almost on top of it (LB distance again)

My suggestion would be a re-vamp to remove the lifesteal keep the AD bonus add Attack speed back into the item to 50% increase the range of the reveal passive to be the same as an oracles, and lower the cooldown on the active to 30seconds the then the tediously long 60 seconds

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ive been in a few matches with teemo since the change of the lightbringer. It absolutely negates his jungle control and shroom effectiveness in 3s. That was the one edge i took advantage of in 3s with teemo with him being short ranged and squishy and how I believe it is gone. The lightbringer worked well on the enemy jarvan, pantheon and vi so far from what ive seen. Even when enemies picked up an oracles it was manageable since you could focus them down and leave them with the choice of burning another 400g, but now, with the lightbringer, when you get a little behind in 3s, thats it, its gg for teemo. I used to be able to bring back games from the brink with teemo shrooms, but now all it takes to shutdown teemo is one little item. Disappointed in the change.