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I think Nidalee is out of hand atm.

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Chase nid into her base. Problem solved. She can trap her base as much as wants.

Play her sometimes to appreciate her strengths and weaknesses. She is squishy as hell when she goes AP. A tank that is up in her face will cause her to do MUCH less damage in comparison to other APs. A hard cc leaves her defenseless as she has no cc herself. Force her out in large engagements. She can't contribute in large teamfights because because of the squishyness of AP nid's build. Build MR/Health. Look for picks if she is roaming. If she is constantly in the back in teamfights, just ignore her and use your time and health on targets you can hit. At least your damage dealers are safe. And if this is the case, then your team's damage dealers WILL out damage a nid who is only hitting tanks.

If she is hitting max ranged spears consistently, she probably deserves it. Those things as hard as hell to hit. Max ranged spears are incredibly hard to hit on the right targets.