Eve nerf explained

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Well, yes, optimally, no. AP Eve is still a dominant force, she's just not a must pick/ban champion. It's fine if you want to play her as AD, but if you say something like "They ****ed her over with the ult. Now she's better off just building fricken bruiser and no ap otherwise she gets raped as soon as she pops the ult" which is both untrue and extraordinarily childish you just come across as a whiner who wants Riot to win games for you. AP Eve is still stronger than AD Eve, AD Eve is still viable, but no longer completely overshadowed by AP Eve, Hybrid Eve has a reason to exist now as well.

Sorry if I come off as a whiner who wants Riot to win games for me. Because I mean that totally isn't the reason she got nerfed in the first place. Against INTELLIGENT people Eve got destroyed. But those seldom few people that know how to counter were shadowed by the masses of players that don't know how, or are too lazy to prevent her from roaming/ganking.

So yea, I am pissed that they broke her only burst damage skill and I don't really care if I come off childish, because apparently whining is the only way to get things done with Riot.