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FPS Issues!

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Hot Peas

Senior Member


Okay, so I've been biding my time, waiting through countless patches since this whole ordeal began after the release of Swain, but I honestly can't take it anymore.

Now I don't know if this has even been mentioned amongst the forums, but I know that its a huge issue as of late, unfortunately a lot of people are attributing FPS issues to being server lag, but really its the horrors of crappy FPS. Now I've been running a solid capped 60 FPS rate on LoL since the days of CB and up until Pre-Swain. After the Swain patch, I started noticing small dips in my FPS, and after this recent patch, I've seen my FPS dip far below 30 for almost half the game. Now I know its nothing on my side, everything on my computer checks out fine.

Anyone else running into this and why hasn't it been addressed?

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Yup I've noticed it too. Used to get 50+ fps but now it's constantly hovering between 20 - 30 fps.