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iLoL Disconnection

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Sometimes it happens and it is really annoying. My game starts and either i get a white screen and after a minute a small window pops up and says retry or cancel. When it disconnects in the middle of game, it will say attempting to reconnect and the ping bar will be at a constant 500. But for some reason i will ALWAYS reconnect again in EXACTLY 5 minutes and i find it really really annoying and i lose the game. I was banned a couple of that times for leaving games but actually it was because of this disconnection problem. I need to know what is causing this problem and how can i solve it. Don't blame my internet because when i use my windows computer it works fine but when i'm on my Mac (iLoL) this problem appears. I really don't want to be banned because of this again. This is a really strange problem and only 1 other friend has the exact same problem and we don't know what to do. Please, if anyone has the same problem or knows the solution please give me your feedback on how to solve this problem. If possible can any of you Riot employees or technicians help solve such issue?