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Phoebe - The Seeress

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Author note – Even though her set-up would be greater for a support I would rather see her mid-lane, but do whatever.

Phoebe – The Seeress.
Allies - Sona
Enemies - ???
Weapon - None.
Auto-attack - Ranged.
Birthplace - Ionia

Passive – All Seeing Eye.

When the game starts Phoebe will start out with 5 vision wards, these wards will last for 15 minutes before they expire. Her wards also have an extra 250 range.

Global Buff – Have some insight.

Ward vision increased by 100, wards also last for 1 minute longer. (Does not stack with All Seeing Eye)

Q – Now you see me, now you see nothing.

Phoebe throws a ball orb blinding the selected enemy also doing magic damage.

Blind length – 1/1/1/1/1

Magic damage – 60/80/110/120/190 + (40% AP)

Mana cost – 30/40/60/70/90

Cool down – 12/10/10/10/9

W – Seeing is pain.

Phoebe spawns a flying eye that will shoot a light-beam at any nearby enemies. This mini-turret is un-targetable and only lasts 5 seconds.

Magic damage per laser – 80/90/100/125/170 + (60% AP)

Attack speed 1.300

Cool-down 10/10/10/9/8

Mana cost – 70/90/100/100/100

E - Vision drain

Phoebe drains vision from a selected enemy, she gains the vision drained while also dealing magic damage.

Magic damage per second – 15/30/45/60/70 + (50% AP)

Draining time – 5 seconds.

Vision drained per second – 100

Mana cost – 100

De-buff/Buff timer – 2 seconds.

Additional info – Silence/Stun and going out of a 450 range will stop this skill and only give her the vision allowed to drain.

R – Eye strain.

Light shines on enemy champions dealing magic damage and slowing them. Phoebe gains vision on every enemy champion alive.
Vision time – 5 seconds

Slow – 10%

Total Magic damage – 200/250/300

Magic damage per second – 40 / 50 / 60

Cool-down 100 / 100 / 90

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general notes
- mana costs are generally too high, specially at higher levels
- scaling on your skills is strange, you should keep the skills getting stronger at a constant rage
- all numbers below are not necessarily balanced, just suggestions

base stats (or lack there-of)
- go to lolwiki and copy/paste some base stats of a similar character
- at least include your attack range, as this is something that is potentially very strong

- look to teemo's blinding dart to help balance this skill
- you can set the blind to a flat 1.5 seconds, a 0.5 second blind doesn't do anything
- you can bufff the damage by alot
- change the mana cost to something like 40/50/60/70/80
- include the cast range of your skill

- include cast range of turret
- include attack range of turret
- keep damage constant, something like 80/95/110/125/140
- change cool down to something like 10.5/10/9.5/9/8.5
- change mana cost to something like 70/80/90/100/110

- this is my favourite skill in your kit, very unique and fun
- use fiddle drain as a base for your number
- you will( i was as well) be surprised by how much damage this skill is allowed to do
- increase the damage to something like 70/95/120/145/170 damage per second
- give this skill an ap ratio, it can be somewhere around 0.4 to 0.6 AP per second
- give cast range of skill
- leash range of skill is really small, again use fiddle as a reference
- champions all naturally have a sight range of about 1100
- you can bump the vision drain up to 100 per second. grave's smoke screen reduces vision range to 675, so being able to reduce your enemies vision range to 800 isn't that bad
- you should add that losing vision range removes allied sight

- this skill is not very good
- do not make your allies buy wards to make use of your ult
- you will need to make a new ult, i dont see how this one can be salvaged

- the global buff to wards is not very impactful, i would remove this
- having a passive that has no effect late game is really really bad
- i would suggest making the passive give your champ an item similar to a sight stone at level 1
- it would hold something like 2/4/6 wards, which last up to 2/3/4 minutes ( the numbers level up when your champ is at levels 1/7/13). you would be able to go back to the fountain to refill this special sight stone. you would only be able to have 2/4/6 wards out at any given time, and could be sold at the store for 0 gold.
- this idea is nice because it is good early game and good late game
- if you dont like this passive that is fine, but you really should make up a new passive yourself then

well, thats about all i got. dont assume i am right about all of these points. if you have any questions or think im wrong somewhen, please do ask, im never always right. i really enjoyed your champ and hope my review is helpful

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I wanted to disagree about her ult, wards should be at places like Baron/Dragon and bushes were teamfights sometimes break out. If she is building full AP, her wards will be doing 10% Max health to all of the enemies. This would help a great deal during teamfights because if they stay near the ward for more then 10 seconds they die.

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for the ultimate, when i said that it was not very good, i did not mean it was underpowered, i meant that the skill can not be balanced. i will go into this in more detail

- wards are invisible, and thus untargetable. in addition they are able to deal damage while staying invisible, which is overpowered
- you are dealing a percentage of your opponents health in true damage. this is unblanc-eable. either the skill does ludicrous amounts of damage (like it would be doing currently) or it would be dealing a negligible amount of damage
- after you got 400 AP, you could solo baron and dragon, something you are not allowed to do
- her dominant playstyle would be to sit at fountain once she had ult, have the rest of the team by wards and oracles, then have her channel her ultimate indefinitely, having wards covering the lanes and jungle camps to get all cs without having to risk anything, she would solo objective sitting in the fountain, and she would never run out of mana. your opponents would be discouraged, you and your allies would be bored, and cause nobody's having fun, everybody loses.

now, you can change things about your ult to fix these few issues i have posted about a little bit, but in the end it will still be an unbalance-able concept. you really need to find a new ult.

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Changed the ultimate, thanks for the opinion on Phoebe, you made me realize how the ult wasn't good and I thank you for that ^^.