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Elk Whisperer

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Observation-Dark, Gothic architecture comprises what is at first glance a gloomy and spacious hallway. Huge arching doors begin to grind open, allowing a tincture of light to puncture the almost complete darkness. In walks a tall figure, easily gracing 7 or 8 feet in stature. Measured steps are taken, the Gothic walls reverberating each step with an echo. The doors close, the light fades. Figure appears humanoid, yet the snout gives an impression of a being not of this world. The figure carries a staff that seems to glow with a certain light, similar to the eyes that shine with untold amounts of wisdom... and a deep sadness.

Nasus, judgement number 31, date is 17 CLS, evaluation will begin.


"Look at the scripture, what do you see?"
The reptile simply scowled and turned his snout in apprehension of the dusty excerpt of literature. They were both young, yet Nasus had already shown himself worthy and capable of becoming the next librarian of knowledge, a position so coveted and revered, only few had managed to attain it, and even fewer had kept.

Renekton was the younger of the two aspiring demigods. He had distinguished himself in battle to the same extent of his brother, yet he had lacked the...self discipline that the older sibling had sired from their progenitors. Unlike Nasus, he had no interest in books and scripture, battle was his lifeblood, his passion. Whenever there was imminent combat, Renekton was ready. He had already showed a martial prowess that was rivaled by only his older brother, something both admired and hated by the young reptile. It was Nasus, after all, who had distilled in him the ways of combat, and it was Nasus as well, who had given him the same Warglaive that father had used many eons prior.

"See with your soul, not your eyes, brother, our sole purpose lies in peace, not battle"
Again, Nasus had given him the parchment to read. The verse was one passed down for eons to each arriving demigod. It dictated the boundaries of power that could and could not be exercised, simple moral values and a desire to keep the world in balance.

Minutes passed, and Renekton had read the parchment and recited the verse. Eyes beaming with pride, Nasus knew he would one day become something great, greater then him even. He had shown great potential in training, his physical strength unmatched in combat. His lust for battle, he hoped would level off as he became more experienced, he was sure.

The familiar clasp on the shoulder, the same reptilian eyes. It was the last he would ever see of them, for a long time. The desert scenery had shifted to a dark monument overlooking a dark expanse, in which they they watched under the night sky, for the last time.

Nasus had become the keeper of knowledge, the Curator of the sands. Renekton had remained as a guardian, deemed unfit for the position. It was sad, watching him go. Nasus knew the pain he felt, the pain of living under his very shadow. As a brother, Renekton had become his closest companion, supportive of each and every decision his brother had made over the eon. He too had aspired to become librarian one day. Secretly, Nasus knew Renekton was still far too reckless, and that bloodlust which had cursed his very soul had much to do with it. Was he sentimental? Was he too blind to see what his brother had become?

The scenery was beginning to distort, as the figure, Nasus had begun to break the illusion. Once more, he was back in the institute, the dark Gothic, familiar architecture that had decor'd the halls now lay silent. He realized he was on all fours, breathing heavily, sweat began to roll off matted fur, eyes burning red with anger.

A voice spoke through the darkness.

Do you wish to continue? Admittance into the League will only be allowed under complete and thorough examination, failure to comply will void any and all agreements that were made under your jurisdiction.


Moments became minutes. He lie there on the marble floor, teeth clenched at the thought of re-examining his thoughts. Thousands of years had buried these memories, yet with each upturned stone came a wave of emotions he had not expected. Regret, happiness, sadness. How long since such trivial matters had bothered him? Eons of keeping the library of knowledge had rendered him compassionless. Yet now...

Silently, he stood and allowed the Gothic scenery to shift into the familiar desert expanse.
The same expanse he had stood over so long ago with his brother on that fateful night.
They had paced off, meters away from one another, weapons poised. He had made his choice, and stolen the forbidden secrets of the library. Years of guarding knowledge had corrupted the aspiring Demigod, and it was his sole duty to strike him down. Brother against brother, blood against blood.

He watched helplessly as the younger Nasus brutally traded blows with the younger sibling. The savage prowess of Renekton had proven an even match, yet Nasus was more experienced, in both knowledge and combat, and as the battle had continued, it became apparent who the clear victor was going to be.

Wounded and bleeding, the reptile had refused to surrender, and the older sibling gave no quarter. Blow after blow, he watched his younger self coldly smite the reptile over the snout, bringing the hulking figure onto the ground, where he lay, the glowing stave menacingly positioned over his chest.

He had won, the battle was over. All he had to do...
was finish him.

Yet, he couldn't. This was someone who had been a companion since birth, a friend. It was saddening, for someone so proud to have fallen from grace, and as he looked down onto the struggling and roaring sibling, he had shed a tear.

I loved you more then anything, brother, I failed you. He had tried to sound calm and collected, as for much of his career, yet his voice cracked, something unknown to him until that moment.

Because in that moment, as he watched the younger self strike the killing blow, he had failed him. He had failed his brother. In teaching, in morals, in guidance...
Then, staff in hand, lying over his dead companion, in the first time since his creation, he had begun to cry.

Why do you want to join the League, brother?
Astonished, the scenery had shifted back to the institute, and what he beheld was something that had shocked him to the very core.

Because I failed you, and I don't want to make the same mistake like I had with you...because...if I could disregard everything that I had been taught to steer you from that path...if I could give up everything I had ever attained, ever done, I would if that meant giving you a second chance.

The arch doors had flown open and the reptile had faded away leaving Nasus alone in the archway silhouette.

Welcome to the League, Nasus

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Yeah, Nasus! I love you big guy!

Some grammar weirdness, but I think the plot shines through, and I like it. Nasus' attitude towards his brother is well conveyed and I like the characterization of early Renekton.

Well done!