Will of the Ancients vs. Spirit of the Spectral Wraith

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Hi guys, i just wanted to point out something i've saw recently wich is AP laners doing a jungler item instead of the current needed item.

I talk about the Will of the ancients and the spirit of the spectral wraith.

Let's compare the stats first:

Will of the ancients (2500):
50 Ap
Unique aura: 30 Ap, 20% spellvamp

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith (2400):
40 Ap
10 mana regen/5 sec
Unique passive: 10% cdr
Unique passive: 20% spell vamp
Unique passive: jungle creeps get 25% more dmg

So, for a saving of 100 gold, you get: mana regen, 10% cdr and alot of dmg on drag+baron.

Yes, the aura gives you a nice little ap boost, but i think the 10% cdr with the 100 gold save just equalise the deal.

So, i think will of the ancients either need a buff or a price reduction.


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kavinh the third

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it's an aura for ur entire team that's massive. U don't understand how useful that spell vamp is for ur teammates.

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now now no need for arguments this is like a last whisper black cleaver discussion i seen a red have a while ago

we will say spectral is a selfish choice (selfish being putting your personal power first and not nessicarily a bad thing) while will of the ancients is a team choice

black cleaver helps a team more, last whisper helps your self more