2 Changes that fix a majority of the problems with PG

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#1 Add a Proving Grounds queue. 2 modes, Random and Draft. Random is random, draft should have 10 champion bans but if that is somehow too much of a problem to add just stick with the 6. This alone gets rid of a lot of the problems with PG.

#2 Make the bridge wider. This is the best way to balance poke and large aoe without having to go and balance champions specifically for Proving Grounds, no it's not perfect, but it's the most feasible solution to the problem.

There is obviously more things that should be changed for the custom game side but those are changes that should be across all the maps not just PG specifically(like controlling starting gold/levels, xp/gold rates and ect). But I personally feel if those 2 things were done it would improve PG a lot.