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Hide and Seek-Nice and Simple

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Alright,so clearly there is alot of confusion as to rules for this game so heres my take to help out,these rules come from playing MANY sets with different rules. Enjoy and rate or wtv.

Basic: Rules are split into hiders and seekers with some that apply generally.

~1 slow item per team.(includes FM,Phage,TS,Ran, True Ice,Tri,Ry,Iceborn)
~1 vision item per team.(lightbringer, hextech sweeper)
~Oracles as of 15 min.
~40 mins is the end of the game, team thats lost surrenders
~no capping points
~No CV


~leave at 2min
~dont engage the dead unless they engage you
~Recall below 300,otherwise your death is irrelevant
~No camping stairs
~Cant engage new respawns for 30s

~5 lives
~dont attack a seeker that is going B (-1 life if you do)
~No auto attacks,despite items
~Use only CC to ESCAPE
~Use Gap closers and the like to escape,never engage.
~No touch downs
~no Nexus camp(must be off the stairs. chars like singed can not fling into the laser)
~can not B for shop unless you've survived for 15 consecutive min.
~Abilities like Ez' Q do not count as CC(fid's ult included)
~3 shaco boxes and shrooms (of each) on the map max at one time.
~No wolf packs(crossing paths is acceptable but 2 players together max)
~Allowed to help allies with CC but must run
~No Storm buff

~must stay in the outter ring
~can not engage Seekers(no auto attacks)
~can support an ally using CC to hinder Seekers
~Max of 1 dead to support a hider.
~killing Seekers will remove 1 life from the target they are chasing.(unless they persist past 300hp without trying to back off and Recall)
~Dont enter fog
~Choose a tower after death
~can now recall at any time

--------------Choose a tower-----------
This means that among the 5 towers you select one,depending on the hosts preferance you have 2 possibilities from there(to stop wolf packs)
1: Choose an empty section of the outer ring between two towers,becoming the only zone you can stay in.
2: select a tower itself and you are allowed to move half way towards either tower.

-------------------------------Additional info---------------
~Champs with built in slows and reveals do not count towards the limited items.
~Heimerdinger turrets are illegal due to the pure damage about them rather then constant slows without ult(hider only)
~No Ez ult(hiders only)

Pretty sure you get the idea,give me some feed back as to what rules should be added or modified!!