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Text is too Small - Riot Games dont think about us

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Hey everybody i play LoL for now 1 weeks and I LOVE this Game BUT Riot Games don't care about us they making a game on they PC and they think that we have all the SAME set-up and computer but ITS FALSE The text is to Small everywhere And i CANT READ the story of the champion and the windows DON'T FIT in my screen i cant put it in full screen and i have try to change the resolution in game but its just worst now i cant play anymore because the screen is black SO **** THIS GAME AND I GO BACK ON MY XBOX Seriously IT MAKING ME SICK how the game company don't care about they costumers...!!!!!!

PS If the arange the resolutin problem and the lobby size windows send me an email to [email]KrazyRock@Live.ca[/email] and after that i think im gonna be back for some ass Kicking with Morgana and Vi

PPS Excuse me if my English suck im a french boy from Montreal Canada