[Suggestion] Make elo visible in new league system

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Hi there, so i saw the notes about the upcoming new league system. Regarding the invisible elo ranking, I think it wil be nice for at least a significant amount of player to keep the elo visible as what we currently have. For a competitive pvp game, I consider a scoreboard/ leaderboard or something similar are important for players, as they both indicate players' current position among players and reflect their effort. For example, I would like to see my elo raise and I know I am closer to the top of the ladder, as well as having progress in my play. In similar ways, whenever I lost a match, my elo falls, that would feel bad, but I will still have the incentive to reflect and improve myself, thus climb back to my previous position.

If I haven't get it wrong about the new league system, what is only visible to you are the tier you are in, and the 'league point'. This will be quite bad, as after matches, only the league points will be changed instead of any 'numbers' representing your progress, your position or even your skill level. Then I will probably feel like I am playing for less rewards, or even nothing, instead of having a visible elo to tell me how am i doing. In other words, I will feel like I have to play numerous, undefined amount of match to collect the league points, then proceed to the promotion match. Which a player may eventually failed to get a promotion. As a result, fight for nothing.

I am not a native english speaker, so hope u guys can forgive my bad English. But what I am trying to say is, the visible elo we currently have is perfect for showing our progress and position continuously match after match. I hope many players like me will be happy to keep this. Thanks.