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My chat box is lost!

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Junior Member


So this is kind of stupid, but one game led me to hide my chat box and unbind the chat key...

For the one game I could still grab the chat box and drag it back to where I could see it, but after that game I can't. It's stuck in the corner. Any way to fix this please???

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UI Designer



You can try going to this directory in your install:

RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\<some set of version numbers>\deploy\DATA\cfg

If you see a cfg or ini matching your resolution, delete it and it may reset your chat position

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Senior Member


It gets lost when you swap the minimap. I swapped mine and the chat box disappeared. Try swapping your minimap position (in more options, I believe) and the chat box may reappear. Then more the chat box to the middle of the screen, re-swap the minimap position, and you should be able to keep the chat box in view and move it to where it was