[Add] Vote for Best Line "+" Feature (own a line, win a medal)

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After match, players can also vote for best line pick using a yellow "+" feature.

Feature adds:
-Medals can be collect per champion.
-You can see the medals you collect in a "Medals" tab in your profile.
-If you win enought medals in an specifict line using an specifict champion, you will earn a profile award for best champion and pro line.
-At the end of the match, team mates can vote your best line and opposition can vote for a War Line Badge.
-Pro line profile and best champion can also add 2nd and 3rd best champion line.

Is simple, win a medal for playing well a line and show in your profile whats your best champ and pro line.

I know is not perfect.

But it would be cool to earn medals for best line pick and show to the people whats our best champion.

=) Thank you!