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Would Like riot to address these players

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Jorgo Jargon

Junior Member


Hey Guys, thought I'd like in some replay files of some players that decided to throw a game I was in and then agree to report me for playing my lane as best as I could with trolls in-game.

My biggest peeve here is that if my account should get banned because I was doing the right thing and others were not, is that fair? This is especially important to me as I've invest alot of funds into this game where i suspect these trollers haven't.

link to replay footage.

The name of the players who intentionally threw and trolled were;

TrollBlade19, ;
DevilBoozer, ;

If the replay is checked, I'm aware that i did get riled up and lost it a bit, but who would not in the same circumstances. This is what is ruining the moba platform. Some of us work a substantial amount of time, and when idiots like this waste of little spare time, this is where people will just stop spending money in it.

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Senior Member


1. Naming and shaming is not allowed. Remove the player names.
2. Wrong subforum. There is a subforum specifically for Tribunal grievances.
3. You can also use this form (https://support.leagueoflegends.com/requests/new) to contact Riot in order to report players.
4. Did you report these players? If not, you have no one to blame for lack of action on their accounts other than yourself. If so, then you don't actually know whether any action has been taken on their accounts--and you can't know, for privacy reasons.