Is it safe yet to start ramked????

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So i finished season 2 with 1100 ELO after months of grinding. So I promised myself I would wait at least four months into season 3 to start Ranked, thus letting the trolls become bottom feeders again. But Im so done with the imcompitence of Reg that I may need to start early. So I ask, is it safe to enter the water that is Ranked LOL?????

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APM Nyhmz

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It will never be safe, I mean there will always be new rush of people who just hit 30 and want to ranked.

And in your ELO range you will always encounter them so unless you get out of the 1000-1300 range you will always get them.

Also I don't wanna hear ``But these bads are bringing me down``, like everyone will tell you if you are good enough you will slowly crawl out of there, may take you 30 games or it may take you a 1000 games, because League is so focused on snowballing that if you just completly destroy your lane and goes to help lanes that are suffering you will lift that 900 tons team.

Though if most of your lanes at 1100 ELO range are ties or you lose half and win half, tell yourself that you are probably at the right place.

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There are trolls in every elo bracket my friend, you are wasting time not playing.
I am currently sitting at 1300 ELO but I've been going up and down around that bracket for a week or so.
Trolls exist in all areas of the game!