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Executioners Calling(Rework)

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As Executioners Calling is now, its many things it shouldnt be.
Its plain,
Its weak,
and it doesnt do its job correctly.
Currently it has a good build path but it is lacking in stats and interesting uses, with my following example i have changed how the item is built and one of its passives to give more options for why the item could be picked up.

Executioners Calling
+25 AD
+15% Critical Chance
+12% Life Steal
Unique Passive - Executioners Mark: Your basic attacks against enemy champions deal an additional 8 magic damage per second for 5 seconds(Executioners Mark interrupts Recalling)
Unique Passive: Your basic attacks apply Grevious Wounds on enemy champion for 1.5 seconds.

-Vampiric Scepter ~800g
---Long Sword
-Avarice Blade ~800g
---Brawlers Glove
-Combine ~850g
Total Cost: 2450g

Now obviously this version would require playtesting and tweaking because the role of this item has been changed.
It gained a couple of unique uses with this changes:
- Can be rushed to harrass the enemy laner to recall away from their tower and xp.
- Provides the user with the means to increase their comparitive sustain through grevious wounds and 12% lifesteal.
- Could possibly be picked up by an unconventional support(Ashe, Lee Sin for harrass and sustain.

This items trade offs however are:
- It takes up an item slot so the user has to give up some AD, Crit, AS or Defense.
- Rushing this item means you dont get the full benefit of Avarice Blade.
- Farming under the enemy tower could become more difficult as the DoT triggers the tower.