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Black When Entering Loading Screen.

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Hi Community,

I've been having connection issues since the graves release. Before his release I was able to go through champion select and then load the game up without any problems. With the Graves patch release and subsequent patch releases I've been having issues with loading the game after champ select. I find that I get a black screen (literally monitor goes black) until a "Retry to Connect...." notification comes up. When I hit this it somethings reconnects and sometimes the client crashes. It used to not be so bad since I could usually join the game on time but with the Vi patch things got horrible. The game is very hard to play now.

A second problem in game that I've noticed is that there is random lag where I can't move my character which lasts for a few seconds or causes me to disconnect. When I wire myself to the router this goes away but I normally play a few feet from the router so I don't see why wireless should create such a problem.

If somebody could shed light on my case, that would be fantastic!