Re-work the Friends List

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Hello, over the time I've been playing, I've accumulated a fairly large friends list. I've run into a few issues with the current interface, and have also thought some suggestions for improving the friends list feature.

Ability to drag a folders

Currently, it is impossible to drag a folder to a different position on your friends list. If a folder starts with a letter that comes after "G," it will always be shown beneath the "General" folder. Players should have the ability to drag or prioritize folders that makes it easy to see the groups they want to see first.

Do not make the list jump to the top when a friend is dragged

Currently, the list will jump to the topmost entries after a friend's name is dragged (even if it didn't actually go into a different folder) or moved to a different folder using the right-click menu option. This can be disorienting if a player has a lengthy friend list, and it forces the player to scroll down if they want to double check whether or not their desired changes had applied.

Ability to add notes to friends

Many people I know who play this game have many players on their friends lists who they don't remember any more. Giving players the ability to add notes will help resolve this. This will allow the player to add a short caption to a player's name. This caption could be viewed on mouse over, or perhaps as an option in the right-click menu.

I am eager to hear feedback, as well as other ideas!

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If you search "Friend Folder" in the forums, you see tons of the same posts over and over. The short story is that this community is BEGGING for versatility and options with our friends lists. To name a few: dragging and reordering, notes for friends (recently implemented... woo), ability to RENAME a folder. Come on riot, these codes cannot be that difficult.