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Constant reconnecting error.

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Senior Member


I finished a game, watched the nexus blow up, and the victory banner flash. Went black, skipped stats, looked around at my profile, nothing incredibly out of the ordinary for the skipping stats issue, i've had it not update my profile after something like that plenty of times. Logged off, not whenever I log on it just says I have a game in progress and I need to reconnect.

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Senior Wrenchman



Sounds like you're stuck in a ghost game. Give the server a little time to reset your status and everything should get fixed on its own.

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Junior Member


Hi, i just got into my first ranked game today, and my abilities will not work...............i checked my key bindings and everything and i did nothing to change them before this game, i reset them to default in game and they still wont work, occasionally if i keep hitting the key, and ability will work but for only 1 cast. My fps/ping is fine so that isnt affecting it and my keyboard works fine, q w e r d f g v, i just lost a free 12 lp because of this bug, please help................