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League of Legends! ........IN SPAAAACE [Very Open RP, Non-Canon, Sci-Fi]

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Ask Renek

Senior Member


The Beast Empire is an empire from governed by the guardian beasts from a far away world called Notegypt in a far away galaxy, the place were Renekton born, Now the leader of the Empire is Darth Renekton.

Imperial Cruiser

Beast Trooper N-394: Darth Renekton the objective is Near
Darth Renekton: Exelent, now we will destroy the league and all those fools who jailed me during years and Nasus MUAHAHA!!


Darth Renekton: WHAT IS THAT?
Beast Trooper N-309: Sir, Is a Protoss Carrier
Darth Renekton: WHAT? That's not even from this dimension!... DESTROY THEM ALL!!

...and then an epic battle between the Protoss and the Beast Empire started