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teaching you how to play sej

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get sunfire cape, get warmogs.

no matter what level you are 1 of these items will be enough hp for your q w e combo to insta kill a wave of minions. getting both is that much better.

like wise, you gap close onto an enemy squishy, they take tons of damage and do very little of your total hp bar.

the tide of the fight is in your hands not theirs, just save the ult, and use it to stun them and run safely or to finish them off before they thought they could escape.

keep in mind your q w e combo is insta killing the minion waves whilst you have 0 ability power. literally do not need a single point of ability power to attain this power, that every ranged ad carry would dream of being able to do.

you do this whilst being tanky. you see sej w gains damage from hp. you get 2 birds with one stone. both damage and tankiness. whilst amumu chooses one or the other. sej gets them both with one stone. you just need hp, which makes warmogs and sunfire optimal for sej.

sej is a better version of amumu. sej gets both damage and tankiness from hp, while amumu has to choose. sej gap closer is reliable, and easily used as an escape or disengage or wall hop. while amumu will die. sej ult can hit running targets far away, while amumu needs them near. sej has a built in slow, whilst amumu needs to purchase rylies for this effect. while sej has it built in.

it's a secret how good sej is. people deliberately call her bad, to keep it on the low down. or they just don't know the fact hp is god on her. they might of tried to play sej support. NEVER play sej support, EVER. Sej is one of the best farms and split pushers in the game. and this amazing cs power which allows her to be super tanky and able to purchase items fast. all whilst have 0 ap from items runes masteries. don't waste how well sej can get a good minion score, and play her top mid or jungle. yes mid is fine, just one gap close on the enemy squishy and they dead. still build her warmogs like before. the enemy mage will get out farmed by you before the games end, and just tickle you whilst you take huge hunks of their hp, and you have alot of disruption aswell which helps team mates.

no matter what they build they can't counter you. they get penetration? your hp pool is high. they get hp shred? well you got armor. You don't need mr on sej either, unless you mid get merc treads maybe, hp is more than enough to handle any mage. cdr glyphs are nice. enhances your cc and mobility. these cdr glyphs ideal over mr glyphs. hp per level seals are ideal, and flat hp quints are ideal. 0 21 9 masteries are ideal. you can have one set for lane, and one set for jungle.

highly underestimated champ, secretly one of the stronger champs in the game. i wish people would not bad mouth sej so much on the forums. it is the only reason why sej does not get played.

so take my advice go out there and stomp people with sej. you feel strong as her, and you feel great, when you have people running from you most the time. my former main teemo, i was running from everyone all the time, only times i would get kills is if i ks'd. with sej you create the kills and in most cases can easily 1v1, and thus many times they run when they see you. you get a good "presence" feel to you as sej. since she is so strong you can stick her in mid and it work just fine. one gap close on them and they are dead in most cases. and you can push real safe(q r and e can be used to escape if needed). though using r for ganks and team fights is more ideal. many times q is enough to escape, along with your tankyness. then you have your r and e after it, and flash as even more back ups. really fast pusher and safe aswell.

sej can do it all basically. farm, cc, damage, safe, survivable. you should be top cs every game nearly. or nearly top cs, whether you top mid or jungle. it is that easy to farm with sej, despite having 0 ap from runes masteries and items. you just need 1 warmogs or 1 sunfire cape, or both, and your q w e combo is something a 6 item build ranged ad carry dreams of, when it comes to pushing waves. except you get hp/tankiness at the SAME time, while the ranged AD carry sacrifices tankiness. yeah amumu might have higher base damages, but he has to choose. he doesn't get both birds with one stone like sej does. in the end, a sej with hp gives her more than amumu can get from hp. in the end if amumu engages, he can't safely disengage if things go wrong, like a sej can. thus there is more power of the flow in the fight that sej contains than an amumu contains.